Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Vending Machines

How much do vending machines cost?

Vending ways provide full-service package includes all of our coin operated washer and dryer and services at no additional charge. Installation, stocking, and repairs of the equipment are all done with charge to the patrons of the facility. However, the normal cost of a coin operating washer and dryer is roughly about AED 3,600. Visit our vending ways and website of vending ways for additional information.

How often you need to fill your vending machine?

Coin operating washer and dryer machines is a function that determine how much clothes can be washed. Machines that wash a lot needs to be replenish. It is not uncommon for coin washer and dryer to be repair more frequently than once per week. If you run out of services of washing or drying, don’t hesitate to get in touch with vending ways so we can give you services regarding coin operated washers and dryers.


Can I get just a coin operating washing machine from vending ways?

Anyone can get the coin operating washers at any time from vending ways without any difficulties of tough terms and conditions.

How big are vending machines?

Although the height and breadth of a coin operated washing machine are always the same (85cm and 60cm, respectively), the depth might vary depending on the size of the drum. Although some huge drums can be fairly thin despite their size, smaller drums will have a lesser depth.


How long does it take to install a coin operated washer machine by vending ways?

Usually, it does no take too much time to install the coin operated washer machine, after delivery it may get a few minutes to install at the place of may be less than a 30 minutes time period, as vending ways have expert team which can set everything for you in short time. To get your own coin operating dryer machine from vending ways there are follow steps:

1: Fill out our online form to begin the process.

2: A representative will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your requirements in person regarding coin laundry machine a person need from vending ways.

3: The consultant will talk to you about where to put your coin laundry machine machines and what varieties coin laundry machines you want to see in your business.

4: The coin washer machines deploy when you place order.


What areas of the country does Vending ways service?

We can install commercial washer and dryer coin operating machine in almost any location. We have locations in every major city and rural areas of the UAE. To see if we cover your region, check out our service area map or call vending ways.


How are refunds and repairs handled at vending ways?

In the event of a refund or maintenance issue, please contact our customer care staff of vending ways. To report a problem, you may contact vending ways via our website or by phone at any time, and we’ll take care of it. Depending on the nature of the problem, most repairs complete within one to two business days. In most cases, refunds mail out within a week of the request.

How much electricity does a soda machine use?

Electricity consumption for coin washing machines at vending ways ranges from 350 to 500 watts, or 0.35 to 0.5 kilowatts. It estimates that you use your coin operating washing machine, seven to 40 hours a month, based as to how many loads of clothing you wash. The amount of power used by your dryer varies from 2 to 20 kilowatt hours each month.


What are the advantages of automatic vending machine?

There are no overhead costs that associate with coin operating washer machines. You don’t have to bother about third-party sellers, monthly wages and payrolls, or extra rent for office or work space because you’ve eliminated the need for them. Keeot


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