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Key Maintenance Tips for Coin Washers in Dubai

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In Dubai’s happening life, the coin-operated vending washing machines have taken a significant place in peoples’ lives, offering them a luxury of convenience trough providing the most efficient laundry services. These smart coin operated vending washers are a common thing today that we can see placed in almost every over-populated places like labor camps, housing facilities, hotels, buildings and laundromats, offering its users a quick and a hassle-free solution to get their laundry done. Just like any other tool or appliance, coin-operated washing machines also need a regular maintenance in order to ensure they stay and perform in their optimal working form. Todays’ blog will bring your way few key essential tips helping you maintain your coin-operated vending washing machines to run efficiently so they can keep you out of blue.

Regularly Clean Inside and Out

Keep your vending machine clean from inside and out to keep it intact, running and preventing it from malfunctions. You must wipe down your vending machine regularly particularly from its exterior surfaces with a damp cloth. You may use a mild detergent to remove dust, stain or any dirt.  Cleaning the interior is also very important. Clean its interior drum and the detergent box to remove any scum that could damage the machine performance. A clean machine seems more attractive to its users as well as works more effectively.

Routine Checks for Coin Mechanism

When it comes to cleaning, it includes cleaning of every little part of your vending washer. The coin operating part of the machine is pretty critical which enables the users to pay for their entire laundry cycle. You need to regularly inspect the slot where the coin is inserted to check for any damages that may come in the form of jammed or bent coins. Clean that coin mechanism slot and the coin validator on a regular basis. Clean the coin with the help of a soft brush by using compressed air. This may remove any type of debris that may be blocking the coin’s path. You need make sure that you keep a regular inspection of the coin inserting slot. If the coin section of the machine is regularly checked and properly adjusted to receive the coins of the right denomination it would reject the fake or foreign coins.

Inspecting Vending Washer Components

There are various compartments in the vending washing machine which perform particular functions like fabric softener, detergent dispenser and other parts. A regular check-up of these compartments is necessary for its proper functionality. Make sure that the fabric softener and detergent dispenser slots are properly filled and the dispensing system is working in place. If any of these components is worn out or damaged, you need to quickly replace that part before it starts affecting the overall functionality. Damaged vending components leads to interrupted laundry service and maintaining customer satisfaction.

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Observe Water Drainage System

Proper drainage and water supply system are the key essential components of the smooth laundry process in the vending washing machines. You must inspect a regular checkup of the drainage system. See for water inlet hoses, damages or leaks and replace if needed. Check the drain for clogs or blockages and make sure that water drains are clean and unblocked. You should clean the lint tap and the drain filter on a regular basis in order to prevent blockages for an efficient water flow. Proper cleanliness and maintenance of water drainage system helps to prevent the water flooding or any damages that may occur due to water. These damages may affect machine’s surrounding areas too.

Stay Updated with Software Controls

Most of the modern coin operated washing vending machines have their in-built software and electronic controls system which automatically works and regulates several functions like cycle selection, temperature, water and payment processing. It is essential that you keep the software upgraded for maximum performance and great laundry service. Possess a regular liaison with the manufacturer of coin operated washing machines to install any new updates for latest improvements and features.

Regularly Inspect Equipment

By implementing a regular inspection plan for your coin operated vending machinery, allows you to pin point potential issues for the maintenance. You need to inspect the interior as well as the exterior components of the machine including valves, hoses, seals, belts for any signs of wear and tear. Be vigilant for any unusual vibrations or noises that you may hear during the laundry function. These may indicate any mechanical issues that require maintenance. Address them beforehand promptly to avoid any further damages and ensure the uninterrupted laundry operation at your facility.

Enhance Customer Support Services

Being more proactive and helping your customers always lead to produce happy customers. It is essential to provide your customers with an easy access to gain support and maintenance information required for operating these coin washers. Make sure you display very clearly written instructions and information material required to operate these machines including washing cycle options, coin-mechanism, load options, detergent and fabric softener dispenser and payment instructions. Your contact information must be mentioned for any service requests and maintenance. Encourage your customers for reporting any issues or concerns promptly and make sure you facilitate them by timely resolving their issues to ensure great customer satisfaction.


By following these easy and effective maintenance tips including following a regular cleaning schedule, inspecting coin-operating mechanism, checking and replacing worn out or damaged components, checking for water drainage system, having routine inspections, keeping software and controls upgraded, providing clear maintenance and customer support information, you can keep your coin operated vending washing machine in its top working form. These maintenance tips will surely minimize your downtime and will provide your valuable customers with an uninterrupted and most reliable laundry services. Always remember, regular maintenance is a key element in keeping your coin-operated washing equipment stay for a longer time and maximizing the profits you need to stay on top of your services.

In the city like Dubai, where the need for laundry services is on a constant rise and the competition drives you crazy, maintaining a high quality coin-operated vending washing machine is not just limited to offering convenience and satisfaction to your customers but is inevitable to run a viable laundry business too. By implementing these essential tips, businesses can ensure their washing equipment remain reliable, efficient and profitable catering to daily laundry needs of their valuable customers and making a smart contribution to their success.

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