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Top Maintenance Tips for Coin Operated Washing Machines 2025


What is the lifeline of a successful coin laundromat? Yes, you have guessed me right! It is absolutely the reliable and well-maintained coin operated washing machine. These washing warriors are at the forefront of your business, spinning the customers’ wash cycles, keeping them happy and generating revenues for your business. But the frequent use and potential wear and tear can impose significant pressure on these machines and may lead to breakdowns. No worries! Let your positive attitude be you super power. With a proactive and preventive maintenance strategy, it is easy to keep your coin washer and dryer running smoothly, reducing its downtimes and optimizing your profits.

This blog post will disclose top maintenance tips 2025 for coin operated washing machines which can help your keep your workhorses running and offering smooth and break-free laundry. Abide by these tips and stay on top of your coin laundry business in UAE and beyond.

Build a Preventive Maintenance System:

Don’t sit and wait for a chaos to control, develop a regular preventive maintenance plan which outlines maintenance checks, ideally speaking every month or twice a month. This checklist should include its detailed cleaning and thorough inspection of the machine’s key components which include:

  • Dispensers: Detergent and softener residues can block the dispenser compartments. Ensure you perform a regular cleaning of the entire control panel with warm water or a mild disinfectant to ensure the smooth dispensing.
  • Drain Pipes and Hoses: It important to note that blocked drains can lead to overflow water which can damage your coin operated washer and dryer. Do check the drain lines regularly for any leaks or blockages.
  • Door Seals and Rings:  Regularly inspect the doors and its rings for any wear and tear, mold or fungal growth. If that appears, clean them with a wipe or by applying a disinfectant. Timely replace the damaged seals properly to avoid water leaks for any potential mold growth.
  • Lint Traps: The build-up of lint is one of the key culprit behind the blocked vents, inefficient drying and potential fire incidents. Ensure to empty the lint traps after every wash cycle completion and offer a detailed cleaning at least quarterly.
  • Coin Mechanism: To gain maximum performance from your coin operated laundry equipment, wipe down your coin mechanisms on a regular basis with the help of a dry cloth to remove debris.

Develop Your Staff for Basic Maintenance:

Invest time in training your staff for performing basic level maintenance tasks like cleaning lint traps and dispenser compartments. This will help them identify the minor issues at initial stage to address them promptly. So minimizing the machine downtimes and customer’s frustration.

Embrace Technology:

Most of the coin laundromats are well-equipped with built-in diagnostic features and remote monitoring ability. This is a great feature for preventive maintenance. Such coin operated washing machines can alarm you of any potential issues before they happen and lead to major breakdowns, enabling you to address them beforehand.

Do Partnership with a Trusted Service Provider:

Keeping a strong network with qualified and trained coin laundry technicians is very important. They can offer you expert guidance to identify the potential minor and major issues and repairs when required, ensuring your machine’s smooth operation.

Data is Power, Use it:

Few latest machine models collect data on usage patterns and issues a coin operated washing machine has faced. By assessing this data, you can identify machine’s maintenance trends and can predict potential issues before they actually occur. Say for example, if a washer is showing a higher water usage than normal. It is a clear cut indication to check for potential water leak or a malfunctioning water line.

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Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructional Manual:

Grab the information from the website of the machine’s manufacturer. Generally, the manufactures typically publish instructional manuals, videos and troubleshooting guidelines for their coin operated washer and dryers. Just utilize these resources to gain deeper insights to keep running and maintaining your workhorses properly.

Follow Industry Trends:

The landscape of coin laundry equipment is constantly evolving. Now, the latest technology and new trends are followed all the time. Try to keep yourself updated about the latest industry trends, industry publications and trade shows. Consult with your machines suppliers. By keeping an eye on the latest industry trends, you can make informed decisions about your service up-gradations and adopt ways to stay competitive.

Make Your Customers Responsible Laundry Partners:

Appreciate your customers to be a responsible laundry partner. You can develop good laundry culture by developing awareness among your customers by placing clear signage to remind them to:

  • Use the appropriate quantity of detergent
  • Remove debris from clothes before washing
  • Keep the environment clean
  • Report any issues or unusual noises to the available staff

Consider Connected Laundry Solutions:

IoT laundry solutions are gaining popularity among people from all social backgrounds. By utilizing this technology of internet of things (IoT), your coin operated washer and dryers can now be well-monitored and controlled remotely from the customers’ side. It can even allow you to identify the issue, track its prior usage pattern and even unlock the washer with the help of a mobile app. Well! That sounds amazing. While this technology is not a norm in every laundromat, yet it can significantly offer amazing advantages in terms of machine maintenance. So optimizing efficiency, and enhancing your customers’ convenience.


To keep your coin operated washing machines running smoothly is crucial for a successful coin laundry business in UAE and beyond. Having a proactive approach to preventive machine maintenance is the key. Performing regular maintenance checks including dispensers, lint traps, and door seals can prevent major issues. Incorporate technology by using in-built diagnostic features and remote monitoring. Use data analysis to identify potential issues and consider to partner with a trusted and expert maintenance service technician.

Invest time to train your staff to perform basic level cleaning and maintenance. By staying updated of the industry trends, you can make informed business decisions about your business to stay competitive. Develop a culture of customers’ awareness by encouraging them to develop positive laundry habits. Internet of things (IoT) which might not be a norm today but can bring drastic revolution in the coin laundry business in UAE. By following these maintenance tips, you can keep you coin operated washer and dryers humming along 2025, your customers happy and revenues rolling in!

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