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5 Crucial Do’s and Don’ts for Coin Laundry business in UAE


UAE’s busy cities and growing economic landscape presents a unique and rewarding opportunity for new entrepreneurs to venture into the coin laundry business. Fast-paced lives of busy working individuals’ demands convenience for residents, students and busy professionals alike. That is why they all depend on coin laundromats today. Like any other business, success of coin laundry business demands a strategic approach. Let us get into details and find out five crucial laundry do’s and don’ts to help you find a path to a successful coin laundry business in UAE.


  1. Location is the King: Make a thorough research to find out the best location. Look for areas which have high population density or overcrowded residential apartments which lack in in-unit facility. Consider areas which have no existing laundromats. You can consider student housing, places near apartment buildings and busy neighborhoods where laundry facilities may be limited. Make sure you pick up a visible place with ample car parking space.
  2. Offer High Quality Laundry Equipment: Equip your laundormat with best quality and energy efficient coin operated washing machines and dryers. Every customer expects a clean environment and an efficient wash experience. Prefer to choose only those machines brands which are famous due to their durable models and use-friendly interface.
  3. Integrate Latest Technology: Embrace technology to improve the laundry experience of your customers. Consider to offer cashless payment systems at your laundromat like credits cards, mobile wallet, debit card or through preloaded laundry cards. You can integrate laundry management systems that can enable your customers to check the machine availability to book it remotely and to get notifications at wash cycle end.
  4. Offer Exceptional Convenience: Everything runs on convenience in UAE and globally as it is the main factor that determines success of any business. Offer extended hours to accommodate busy schedules of your customers. Consider of offering self-service options with proper and clearly written instructions and signages. Think of adding additional features like installing vending machines dispensing laundry supplies like fabric detergents and fabric softeners etc. Ensure you must offer a speedy WiFi service and comfortable seating arrangements for your customers to wait comfortably for their wash cycles.
  5. Maintain Your Reputation: Your first impression is the last impression in almost every case. Make sure you offer a clean, well-lit and well-maintained laundry facility. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule to offer a lively and pleasant atmosphere for your customers. Keep inspecting your coin operated laundry equipment for any wear and tear to address any disorders promptly. Showcasing your positive customer reviews online on your social media pages and word of mouth are invaluable sources of attracting new customers.

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  1. Offering Bad Customer Services: Proving best customer services are crucial for every business. Be accessible for your customers’ concerns. Try to offer multiple laundry related services like wash and fold services for those customers who have busy schedules. Just make your brand reliable enough to meet all laundry-related needs of your customers. If you overlook the need of giving best customers services you would be not be able to get loyal and repeated customers at all. Train your staff about the coin machine operation to provide valuable guidance and assistance to your customers 24/7.
  2. Overlooking Branding and Marketing: Never assume, your customers will simply stumble upon your coin laundromat without any effort. If you think so, you are living in a fool’s paradise! You need to develop a strategy to target your audience effectively. Consider social media promotions, brochures, flyers and offer loyalty programs to attract more customers. Develop an attention-grabbing brand identity with a catchy brand name and logo.
  3. Being Stingy on Initial Investments: Don’t be stingy to cut spending on initial investments. Being cost-conscious is good, but purchasing low quality or cheap used coin operated washer and dryers will lead to frequent breakdowns that will ultimately lead to higher repairing costs. These frequent breakdowns will also increase dissatisfied customers, and that is frustrating of course. So always invest in best quality and durable machines that will serve you for years.
  4. Forgetting Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial for a smooth and streamlined laundry function. Make a regular preventive maintenance schedule and checklist to address any potential issues before they get worsen and lead to major breakdowns. Make sure your laundromat stays clean, hygienic and well-maintained.
  5. Ignoring Safety and Security: Safety and security must be on your top-priority-list. Make sure you offer proper ventilation to avoid moisture buildup under your machines. Install proper fire safety measures and conduct fire drills on a regular basis. Make sure your CCTV cameras offer 24/7 security surveillance to ensure peace of mind for your customers.

 Go Green and Gain Customers: A Bonus Tip

Eco-friendly customers value businesses that prioritize for being sustainable. Find out new eco-friendly laundry detergents and high-efficient coin operated washing machines which use less energy and water. You must consider on implementing recycling programs like dryer sheets and plastic detergent bottles. Incorporate and practice eco-friendly features that can attract eco-friendly customers, and that will strengthen your brand identity market reputation as eco-friendly coin laundromat.


Venturing a coin laundry business in UAE offers an exciting business opportunity for entrepreneurs. By prioritizing best location, high quality coin operated laundry equipment and offering exceptional customers’ service, you can lay a strong foundation of a successful coin laundry business. Be mindful that technology is the game-changer, so incorporate cashless payment systems and remote monitoring convenience. Maintain a clean laundromat with exceptional customer support to develop loyal customers. Never underestimate the power of branding and marketing, so establish a strong brand identity to establish your online presence. Avoid compromising on quality and initial investments in equipment can lead to frequent breakdown resulting in dissatisfied customers. Finally safety and security should never be ignored.

By following these crucial laundry do’s and don’ts, you are now good to go. By embracing eco-friendly practices, you can run a profitable and sustainable coin laundry business. This will not only help you attract eco-friendly customers, but will reflect your deep commitment as being environmentally responsible and quality conscious coin laundromat in your locality.

Happy vending and keep shining!

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