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Coin Washing Machine Prices: A World Tour

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The grounded and innocent coin operated washing machine has become an integral part of today’s fast paced lifestyles of busy working professionals, students and apartment dwellers who lack in in-house laundry facility. Have you ever thought that how much does it cost when it comes to washing clothes with the help of coin laundry equipment?  What are the prices of coin washing machine across the globe?

Gear up, my budget-conscious laundry warriors! We are launching a global coin washing machine investigation. Join hands to explore the costs of coin operated laundry and prices of coin laundry equipment in different countries!

Factors that determine Coin Operated Washing Machine Price

Before we dive into the coin laundry world, let us get a sneak peek into the machines prices first. The prices of coin washing machine vary at different coin laundromats depending upon few key factors like machine size, capacity and its features. Coin laundromats installed with high quality machines which generally offer high in prices as compared to the prices of domestic models.

Price Breakdown of Coin Operated Washing Machines

Here is the simplest estimated price breakdown for the coin operated washing machines:

  • Small Washer/Dryer: US$ 1,600- US$ 2,200
  • Medium Washer/Dryer: US$ 2,500- US$ 3,300
  • Large Washer/Dryer: US$ 3,200- US$ 4,700

These are just the starting approximate prices, the actual prices are generally determined by the brand name, model, technology and the location of the machine supplier.

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Coin Wash Prices Around the World

You must be wondered, what are the coin laundry costs around the world? Here are the estimated coin wash costs per wash cycle around the world:

  • Europe: European countries offer a little bit higher prices that may range between USD 3.50 – USD 7 per wash cycle.
  • United Kingdom: The coin laundry prices can vary between US$2.50- USD 5 per wash cycle.
  • North America: In Canada and US you must expect to pay USD 2 to USD 5 per wash cycle. These costs may vary depending on machine size and wash cycle option you select.
  • Asia: The coin laundry costs can vary throughout Asia. The more developed countries like Japan and South Korea might offer same prices as in Europe, whereas in Southeast Asia, these prices can be more budget-friendly. They may be just 1US$ per wash cycle.

Additional Factors that Impact the Prices

There are several factors which impact the prices of your coin wash cycles:

  • Location: Coin laundromats that are located at premium places offer high coin laundry costs.
  • Machine Size: Washing machines which require bigger and heavy laundry loads like bed sheets and comforters will offer higher prices as compare to small-sized machines which tackle regular laundry loads.
  • Wash Cycle Options: There are many fancy features offered by coin washing machines like steam cleaning or sanitized wash cycles, such features will offer higher prices as compared to normal wash cycle options.
  • Washing Supplies: Few laundromats charge fabric detergents for fee, whereas others require you to bring your own washing detergents.

Cost-Cutter Hacks for Budget-Friendly Users

When you know the key factors impacting the prices and costs of coin laundry, here are some tips that will help you save your coins at any coin operated laundromat around the world:

  • Shopping Around and Comparing Prices: Visit different coin laundromats and check for their services. Ask their wash cycle rates and compare rates. Few laundromats offer high prices whereas others may offer you attractive discounts. You will only get to know only if you shop around and compare the services and coin laundry rates.
  • Wash Full Loads: Ensure you combine your weekly laundry to avoid half-empty loads. Remember, a full wash load is more efficient as compared to half empty wash cycle.
  • Consider the Suitable Wash Cycle: Consider carefully what wash cycle option do you need like you want heavy duty wash cycle or you want to regular wash cycle for lightly mudded clothes? Choose the most suitable wash cycle for your laundry loads to save your valuable money.
  • Consider Promotions: Few laundromats offer discount deals on special days of the year. Always be vigilant for such promotions to maximize your savings.

The Bright Future of Coin Operated Laundry

The landscape of coin operated laundry is not fixed. There has been a constant rise in the technology integration as several coin laundromats are offering cashless payment systems for added convenience of their customers. Many eco-friendly features are becoming more popular like water-saving and energy-efficient features.

The technology is the actual game-changer in today’s fast-tech world. So, as the technology evolve, the coin operated laundry machines will remain a key part of the laundry landscape for years to come.


The prices of coin operated washing machine vary globally. Generally the commercial coin laundry equipment is expensive as compared to regular domestic models. The coin washing machine prices depend on few factors like machine size, capacity and features of the coin laundry machine. There is no one- size-fits- for machine prices. The estimates prices for a small coin washer/dryer ranges between 1,600 – $2,200 USD. The Medium Washer/dryer prices range between $2,500 – $3,300 USD and the large-sized washer/dryer prices fall between $3,200 – $4,700 USD.  Just keep in mind these are just the starting prices, not the fixed prices. If we look at the coin laundry costs across the world, their prices vary country-wise.  Asian countries which are more developed like South Korea and Japan offer prices same as Europe like $3.50-$7 USD per wash cycle, whereas the South Asian countries might offer prices as low as 1 USD per wash cycle. In North America, the coin wash costs range between $2 to $5 USD per wash cycle. UK prices range between $2.50-$5 USD per wash cycle.

Additional factors that impact the coin wash prices include location of the Laundromat, machine size, wash cycle options and washing detergent fee incase if you don’t bring that along. To save your coins at any coin laundromats, few practical tips can help you save money. These tips include:  shopping around many laundromats and comparing their prices and service features, washing full laundry loads than half empty loads and bringing your own detergents. Keep looking for promotions to maximize your savings. By following these tips you can become a pro laundry warrior.

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