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6 Powerful Ways to Start to a Coin Laundry Business in UAE

How to Start a Commercial Laundry Business in UAE


The rocketing economy and busy life makes the UAE a prime location to invest in coin laundry business. Whether you are a working person, a student living in university dorm, or a resident living in a cramped apartment which lacks in-house laundry facility, you have to depend on the convenience of vending washing machine business. If your want to test your luck in this attractive rather coin minting business, this blog post is for you.

Ready to unlock the secrets of a fruitful coin laundry business in UAE? We will unveil 6 powerful strategies to start this venture and also explore the key factors that drive its high demand.

Why Should You Venture into this Business?

Here is how are few key factors can drive market demand for this business:

  • Increased Migrant Workers: The ever increasing number of expatriates and busy young professionals often lack the laundry facility. This calls for a great demand for coin laundry.
  • Busy Life Styles: As we know, a huge segment of population lives in villas and apartments with limited laundry facility, so majority of the individuals seek convenient solutions for all their laundry needs. This factor carries a great potential coin laundry venture.
  • Increased Saving-Income: Majority of people have now surplus amount (disposable income) to spend on different household expenditures. Due to this, people are more willing to spend in time-saving services like coin laundromats.

Easy Ways to Start Your Coin Laundry Business

Developing a Business Plan

Do a Thorough Market Research: Before your straight jump into the coin operated laundry business, conduct a thorough market search and try to understand your target customers. Identify the best locations and assess the needs and preferences of your target customers.

Develop a Plan: Now, make a detailed business plan that must state your financial projections, operational systems, staffing needs, pricing and marketing strategies.

Obtaining the Legal Permits

Secure the Trading License: Before starting the coin laundromat, it is necessary that you get required trade license form the designated Department of Economic Development in your selected emirate.

Get Additional Permits: Meanwhile, you need to secure additional legal permissions for signage and waste disposal management for your selected location.

Securing the Required Investment

Keep in mind, the vending washing machine business may require significant investment for the purchase of coin laundry equipment, rent of the laundromat, installation of machines and any other additional costs. So, it is advisable to secure required investment beforehand. You can consider multiple financing options from private investors and banks.

Selecting the Best Location

It Must Be Accessible: Make sure the potential location must be easily accessible for vehicles.

It Must Be Visible: Consider a location which offer high foot-fall and should be near the student dorms or close to residential areas. The location must be visible. It is important that you place a prominent signage with a catchy logo in front of your laundromat.

Must Have Ample Parking: The location must offer ample parking for the customers’ convenience.

Avoid Saturation: Avoid selecting that location which is already saturated by several existing laundromats.

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Installing the Coin Laundry Equipment

Invest in High Quality Equipment: Being budget-conscious is good, but never compromise on investing in high quality laundry equipment. Consider latest and energy-efficient machines to cater diverse laundry needs of your valuable customers.

Install a Mix of Coin Washers and Dryers: Install washers and dryers of different capacities to cater different laundry loads and needs. Dryers should be efficient to meet multiple drying cycles to offer convenience to your customers.

Fulfill Additional Needs: Meanwhile, fulfill the other additional needs which may be required by your laundromat. This can include the availability of detergent washing machines, ironing boards and comfortable sitting arrangement to enhance your customers’ experience.

Developing a Loyal Customer Base

Once you have taken a fresh start, your focus should be shifted to keep attracting and retaining your customers. Here are some smart strategies to do that:

  • Offer Convenience: Investing in best quality laundry equipment is just one piece of the cake, but don’t compromise to maintain a well-lit, clean and pleasant atmosphere where customers feel happy to visit. Offer speedy WiFi service or a vending machine dispensing laundry detergents and snacks.
  • Be Friendly and Helpful: Offer a friendly and helpful staff which can welcome the customers with a happy face and offer help whenever required.
  • Set Competitive Pricing: Ensure you set competitive pricing for your laundry services. This will attract more customers.
  • Embrace Technology: Consider to incorporate machines offering latest technology to ensure cashless payment system for added convenience.
  • Keep Your Laundromat Secure: Don’t hesitate to invest in CCTV cameras and offer proper ventilation system in order to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Where to Buy Coin Operated Washing Machines?

As there are several trusted and well-reputed suppliers of vending coin washing machines in Dubai, however you must conduct a market research on best machine suppliers. It is always recommended to compare rates, features offered, and after-sales services before you make your final selection. Utilize these useful tips to find a reliable vendor:

  • Consider a Trusted Supplier: Consider a well-established and trusted vendor with a proven track record in this field.
  • Compare Machine Features and Warranties: Before you purchase, ensure the supplier offers proper warranty. Compare the machine features boasted by different vendors.
  • Consider a Vendor with After Sales Services: Go for a reliable vendor which offer comprehensive after sales services. Remember, it is crucial as to maintain your equipment to minimize its downtimes.


Busy lifestyle and fertile business landscape offers a great potential for coin laundry business in UAE. By careful planning, thorough market research, and selecting the perfect location, you can run a successful vending washing machine business. Invest in best quality coin operated laundry equipment and focus on customers’ convenience.  Set a competitive pricing and consider the latest machine with advanced technology and features to cater diverse customers’ needs. By following these easy steps, you can easily cater growing needs of your customers successfully. The UAE market is overflowing with great business potential for vending washing machine business. So, are you ready to spin it into profits?

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