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Vending Machine Dubai Prices-Unveiled!

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Dubai is city of convenience, which features fast-paced life style. Tourists and residents appreciate anything that can make their day easier. Here come vending machines in the scene! These machine offer a variety of snacks and products for grab-them-on-the-go. Are you craving for a quick snack or a cup of tea? Vending machines will satisfy your instant cravings.

Meanwhile, if you also want to invest in coin vending machine business, it is important to know the vending machine price UAE. This blog post will dive deep into the world of vending machines, exploring their price ranges and key factors that influence their costs. Let’s us explore the key benefits you can gain from this business.

Understanding the Prices of Vending Machines in Dubai

Actually the prices of vending machines several key factors. These factors may include:

Type of Vending Machine: As we all know, the basic type of vending machine dispense snacks and drinks are the most affordable options. Generally, their prices range from AED 3,000 to AED 5,000 (US$ 817 to US$ 1,361). However, if you move on towards more advanced features like cashless payments and touchscreen options, you must expect a jump in prices i.e. AED 5,000 to AED 10,000 (US$ 1,361 to US$ 2,722).

Customized Vending Machines: If you want to go for customized vending machines like coffee vending machines, they generally cost between AED 10,000 to AED 20,000.  Such machines offer specialized technology to brew and dispense coffee consistently. Furthermore, you can also go for highly customized vending machines. Such type of machines dispense salads and hot meals. Obviously, their prices would be high i.e. AED 15,000+ or USD 4, 083+

New Machines Vs Old Machines: While above are the estimated prices of new machines, if you want to buy pre-loved articles, this can be a cost-saving option. But, make sure you consider the maintenance factor also.

A Quick Look at Vending Machine Price UAE

  • Basic Vending Machines with Snacks and Drinks: AED 3,000 to AED 5,000 (US$ 817 to US$ 1,361)
  • Machines with Advanced Features: AED 5,000 to AED 10,000 (US$ 1,361 to USD 2,722)
  • Coffee Vending Machines: AED 10,000 to AED (US$ 2,722 to USD 5,444)
  • Customized Machines: AED 15,000+ (USD 4,083+)

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Additional Costs Beyond Price Tags

When you purchase a vending machine, it is just one piece of the cake. Here are some additional costs that will add to your overall expenses:

  • Location: Always remember, the demanding locations with high foot traffic will offer higher rental costs of the space you have occupied.
  • Legal Permissions: When you intend to start a coin vending machine business, you would have to obtain few legal permits. Obtaining licensing and legal permissions will surely add up to costs.
  • Inventory: Ensure you stock your vending machine with sufficient amount of products and this will add up to your initial investments.
  • Maintenance: By regularly maintaining your machines, you can avoid service breakdowns. However, this regular maintenance will add up to your maintenance costs of course. So, be mindful of that!

Finding the Best-Fit For Business Needs

Before you jump straight into purchasing the vending machine, invest some time in researching the market to secure the best fit for your business needs. Here are few key factors you must consider:

  • Define Your Niche: Are you serving coffee to offices or multiple range of snacks? Are you are considering to offer healthy snacks to fitness clubs? Define your niche beforehand.
  • Take Multiple Quotations: Before purchasing a vending machine, make sure you take different quotes from multiple suppliers. Make comparisons and decide what is best among them. Talk to the machine suppliers and ask about the latest features and models. Now select the best machine option which offers best competitive price.
  • See for Used Machines: Although new machines offer good quality services, but you can explore used market for a more budget-friendly option. Ensure, the machine is in good working form.

Uncap the Treasure of Coin Vending Machine Business in Dubai

With doubt, Dubai’s economy is growing and the busy life style offers a perfect landscape for coin vending machine business. By utilizing the right business approach and offering the right product selection, this business can offer great returns on investment. Let us unveil few factors which can multiply your profits:

  • Choose the Best Location: If you choose location with high foot traffic, it will generate more sales and greater profits. Choose busy office buildings, tourist spots and places near colleges and universities.
  • Select the Right Products: By offering right variety of products, you can cater larger audience. So, consider offering traditional snacks and drinks alongside the health snacks options.
  • Set Competitive Prices: By setting competitive pricing, you will be able to maintain a good profit margin.
  • Keep the Sales Consistent: Purchasing vending machines is a long-term investment. While initial investment might seem tough to you but try hard to keep the sales consistent as it will allow you to achieve your break-even point soon.
  • Be Reliable: Ensure to offer excellence customer services by keeping the inventory levels sufficient as per your customer’ demand. Ensure the machines offer a smooth operation without breakdowns, by making your service reliable every time they visit your vending stand.


The market of vending machines in Dubai provides an attractive opportunity for new entrepreneurs. By grabbing vending machine Dubai price and its additional cost factors like location rent, legal permits and inventory, we can make informed decision. Vending machine price UAE ranges between AED 3,000 to AED 20,000+ or US$ 817 – US$ 5,444+). By researching the market well, ensure you identify your niche to secure the right type of machine. With strategic planning, choosing the right location and offering the best product selection, these machines can earn you great profits. Furthermore, by setting a competitive pricing strategy will help you produce a consistent sales and that will help you achieve your break-even point in short span of time.

So guys! Are you ready to venture this business in the city of gold? With right focus and commitment to offer quality and exceptional customer service, you can transform your coin vending machine business into a shining success story.

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