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An Easy Guide to Vending Machine Dubai Price

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The amazing Dubai of United Arab Emirate is a land of great opportunities. With its ever-growing tourism, busy offices and increased population, it’s for sure that that the demand for convenient on-the-the-go solutions, products and options is going to trending around the world. This situation definitely fosters an ideal scene for vending machines to boom.

Are you thinking to jump into the coin vending machine business in UAE? First thing that will come to your mind will be: “How much a vending machine costs in Dubai?” Don’t worry my passionate entrepreneur! This blog post is your ultimate guide, as we will unveil the vending machine price UAE , helping you make informed business decisions for your coin vending machine business to beat the competition.

The Price Pyramid

Dubai market offers a wide range of vending machines. The fundamental factor that determines the prices of vending machines is the types of machines you are considering for your laundromat. Here are the major types of vending machines available in UAE market:

  1. Basic Vending Machines: Generally these basic type of vending machines which dispense snacks and drinks offer less price tags. They can cost you typically between AED 3,000 to AED 5,000 (USD 817 to USD 1,361).
  2. Advanced Vending Machines: As we consider advanced level vending machines which offer advanced technology and latest features like touchscreen interface, wide product selections and cashless payments systems, offer higher prices. Coffee vending machines are the example of advanced vending machines. These machine can cost you between AED 10,000 to AED 20,000 (USD 2,722 to 5,444).

Other Factors Impacting Machines’ Prices

  • Machine’s Brand: Different machine suppliers and different brands will offer varying prices. Get the quotations from different vendors and then compare rates and features to find the best deal on a vending machine purchase. Famous brands generally have high prices as compared to less-known brands.
  • Machine Features: The features offered by a machines also determines the prices of vending machines. If you would like to consider for features like temperature control, remote control system or expensive lights, all these features would add into its pricing structures.
  • Machine Capacity: The number of products your machine can stock also impacts the price of your machine. Remember, larger the machine capacity, higher the price tag as compared to vending machines with low capacity with small stock capacity.
  • New Vs Used Machines: Used machines will typically offer less prices but might need additional maintenance with shorter machine’s life spans.

Estimating the Success Potential

After getting a clear understanding of the vending machine Dubai prices and the additional costs attached to it, you can easily assess the investment and profit potential. You must be definitely concerned about the return on investment.

Here is a good news, the coin vending machines if placed at ideal location where there is a great footfall, and are well-maintained and well-stocked, this business can earn great returns on investment. Here are the factors that can significantly contribute towards a healthy ROI.

  • Location: Location is the king. Places with high traffic like busy office buildings, transportation hubs, busy malls and universities and colleges all are just ideal places for the placement of coin vending machines.
  • Products Selection: When you cater to your target audience’s preferences and their needs, you become indispensable. Select your products wisely to grab huge audience. Consider offering products that offer healthy options which everyone would love to grab. Stock healthy product options besides traditional drinks and snacks.
  • Price Right: Selecting the right price encourages people to buy. This will lead to increased sales and you can maintain profitability as well. Make a thorough research about your competitor’s pricing and then set a right and competitive price. See for the local market trends while setting a price.

Factors to Consider Beyond the Basics

While price remains a crucial factor, but it is just the one piece of the cake. Here are some additional factors that will help you stay competitive and will offer you leverage over your competitors:   

  • Know Your Market: You must have an in-depth knowledge about your existing market, its competitors, their services, their weakness and strengths. You must have a deep understanding of who your actual customers are? What are the preferences?  Having the knowledge of what sells and what fails will surely guide your keep right product selection and price strategy.
  • Welcome Technology: Consider incorporating cashless payment systems in you vending machines. Think of adding latest technology of monitoring your machines remotely. Such features would add an extra layer of convenience for you and your valued customers.
  • Offer Exceptional Customer Service: Always offer the best customer services. Keep your machines clean, well lit, well-stocked, dispensing fresh products and offering your customers great self-service. This will help you build loyal customers. Ensure you address your machine maintenance issue promptly.
  • Stay Legal: Make sure, you have secured all the required legal permits, requirements and licenses to operate in the world of coin vending machine business in UAE. So, stay legal, stay compliant and work fair.  This will strengthen your market reputation.


By acquiring in-depth knowledge about coin vending machine Dubai price, you are now well-equipped with information about the additional costs involved and the factors which impact their prices significantly. Well, by now you are good to go to start your own coin vending business in Dubai. Remember, it is not only the price but about creating convenience and enhancing user’s experience while grabbing on-the-go products. To achieve that goal, choose a location with high foot traffic, offer best product selection while considering your potential customers’ choices and preferences. Keep the products prices right as well as competitive. To gain great returns on investment in this business, strive to conduct a thorough research of your market, know your customers’ likes and dislikes and offer great customer service by offering your customers a stress-free and smooth self-service. Promptly address your machines maintenance needs to minimize machines’ downtimes. Be mindful, embracing technology and latest features act as a game-changer.  Incorporate latest technology in your machines. Last but not the least, stay legal, stay compliant by securing required permits and legal licenses to operate your coin vending machines business without worries.

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