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Coin Operated Laundry Prices in Dubai: Stay Clean Within Your Means

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Living in Dubai can feel like a spinning storm, but even in the middle of city’s fancy features, simple tasks like laundry can still remain a hassle to perform. For many individuals and apartment residents particularly those who live in congested residential apartments, coin operated coin laundromats has become a most reliable option until now. However, it is not easy to explore the best laundromat which offer you good laundry services while staying within your budget.

Fear not my busy bees! This piece of writing will get you well-equipped with knowledge to win your laundry day as we will provide you a detailed information of the coin operated laundry prices in Dubai. This information will go a long way to get hassle-free laundry services offered by coin operated laundry equipment smartly.

How Coin Laundry Works in Dubai?

Dubai offers a streamlined network of coin laundromats all across the city, catering to diverse needs and budgets of a huge customers’ base. These coin laundromats provide a wide range of coin operated laundry equipment which typically includes:

  1. Coin Operated Washing Machines: Such machines are available in different sizes from small and compact machines which are perfect for lighter laundry loads to large sized machines which can tackle bulky items like heavy bed sheets, comforters and blankets. Wash cycle options are also different for different machines suitable for different type of fabrics like delicates, regular and heavy-duty wash.
  2. Coin Operated Drying Machines: Separate coin washers also come in different sizes to accommodate different size of laundry loads and drying time durations.
  3. Coin Washer Dryer: This combo units have washing and drying units both present in one machine, saving your space and time as you can utilize them together. Be mindful, such combo units may have less capacity as compared to separate washers and dryers.

 Coin Operated Laundry Prices in UAE

Here are the typical breakdown of average wash cycle costs in coin laundromats in UAE:

  • Basic Wash Cycle Prices: The coin operated washing machine prices in Dubai generally range between AED 5-20 (1.35USD-5.40 USD). These price may depend on size of the machine, and wash cycle option you choose.
  • Smaller Wash with Short Cycle Prices: If you choose a small duration wash cycle option, it can cost you AED 5.
  • Large Wash Cycle Prices:  If you select a large wash cycle of heavy duty laundry, it may cost you AED 15-20.
  • Dryer Cycle Costs: Just like coin washing machines, the dryer prices may vary depending on the size and the duration of the dryer you have selected. For drying your laundry, you must expect to pay between a ranges of AED 5-10 for a typical drying cycle.

Additional Factors that Can Affect Your Laundry Costs

Besides the basic wash cycle and drying costs, here are few key factors that can still impact your laundry costs. Just be mindful of them:

  • Location of the Laundromat: The location of the laundromat can somehow determine the the prices of the wash cycles. If you are selecting a lundormat which is located in the busy area of the city like a tourist spot or any landmark place like Burj Kahlifa or near luxury apartments, you must expect comparatively higher laundry prices as compared to a laundromat located in your surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Machine’s Brand:  Never forget, latest machines with new technology and features like steam cleaning or stain removing might charge you a bit higher cost per wash cycle, as compared to older machines models with typical wash cycle options.
  • Detergents and other Washing Supplies:  Few laundromats might ask you to purchase their specific detergent, but others don’t. If you opt to purchase that expensive detergent, it will add up to your laundry costs. So consider to bring your own detergent if you want to stay within your budget.
  • Keep an Eye on Discounts: There are laundromats which offer attractive discounts for using multiple machines or for choosing the option to wash large-sized loads at once. Make sure, you keep an eye on such deals to avail bulk discounts if you have overflowing baskets of dirty laundry.

Nuggets of Wisdom for Laundry on a Budget

  1. Plan Your Day Ahead: Don’t hit the laundromat in a haphazard way. Plan your day to get the best out of your laundry day.
  2. Carrying Coins: Most of coin laundromats accept payments in the form of coins, so keep the sufficient amount of coins to avoid any hassle of securing the required coins at the coin laundromat.
  3. Sort it Out: Sort out your laundry as per fabric types and colors. Ensure you wash the same weight and the same type together to optimize the machine capacity.  This will reduce the number of cycles required.
  4. Remove Stains: Remove the tough stains well before heading towards a laundromat. It will help you achieve an effective wash in the first cycle and will eliminate the need of rewash, saving your time and money both.
  5. Utilizing Off-Peak Time: Generally majority of laundromats observe less foot-fall during the week days or in the early mornings. If you utilize this off-peak time, it can save your waiting time as well you can avail the discounted laundry rates on your wash cycles during these hours.
  6. Opting for Laundry Cards: Few laundromats might offer laundry cards which can be pre-loaded. You can opt this option for more convenience for payments.
  7. Enjoy the Time: When the coin operated laundry equipment is taking care of your laundry, you can enjoy that time by bringing your favorite along, read it, enjoy your favorite music or a podcast.


Exploring Dubai’s extended coin operated coin operated laundry scene doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore. While understanding the price variations of coin laundry due to choosing different wash cycles and drying options, prices range from AED 5- AED 20.  You must consider few points which can impact the coin operated laundry prices in Dubai. Factors like location, machine brand and wash cycle option can directly affect your costs. Avoid purchasing expensive washing detergents from laundromat, rather bring your own to cut costs. Smartly plan your laundry day like sort out your laundry, choose the right wash cycle and utilize the off-peak hours. With these little pro-tips, you can save your money and get your clothes clean without draining your wallet.

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