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Coin Operated Laundry Prices in UAE: Beat the Laundry Costs!


Dubai is a city which offers a fast-paced lifestyle, where laundry might not be on your top-priority list. Between the city life adventures, keeping your clothes clean is a challenging need. Coin operated washing machines and dryers offer a budget-friendly and manageable solution for busy individuals and those without in-unit laundry facility. However, exploring the coin laundry world and finding out their wash prices can be little tough task to do.

This blog post is a one-stop-shop, guiding you on coin operated laundry prices in UAE. We will discover the key factors which impact the laundry prices and will explore the average costs for different wash cycle types and variety of coin laundry machine sizes available in the market. You will be given tips to optimize your laundry experience while keeping it budget-friendly option.

Understanding the Coin Operated Laundry Prices in Dubai

The coin operated laundry prices in UAE and worldwide are based on two major factors listed here:

  1. Machine Size: Coin operated washers and dryers come in various sizes and capacities catering to diverse needs and quantities of laundry loads. A small-sized machine will be more suitable for light laundry loads and will offer you less. Large-sized machines are good for heavy duty wash cycles like blankets, bed-sheets and comforters.
  2. Wash Cycle Selection: Coin operated washing machines offer a variable range of wash cycle options like varied durations for wash cycles and varying water temperature options. In these given options, we must know that a quick wash with cold water would offer cheaper rates as compared to long hot water wash cycles. If you need extra rinses, the laundry costs will be added even more.

Estimated Prices of Coin Operated Laundry in Dubai

Here are the estimated prices of coin operated laundry in Dubai:

  • Small Wash Cycle (Basic Fabrics): 5-10 AED (1.35 USD -2.70 USD)- Small wash cycle is perfect for lightly-mudded clothes like gym clothes, T-shirts and underwear.
  • Medium Was Cycle (Regular Clothes): 10-15 AED (2.70 USD -4.05 USD)- Medium wash cycle tackles mostly day-to-day laundry loads like towels, shirts and pants.
  • Large Wash Cycle (Heavy0Duty Clothes): 5-20 AED (4.05 USD -5.40 USD)- Larger wash cycle deals well with heavily mudded clothes, blankets and comforters.
  • Drying Costs: Just like washing, drying costs depend on the size of the dryer and the cycle option you have selected. However, you must expect to pay between 5-15 AED (1.35 USD-4.05 USD) for one drying cycle.

Additional Things to Ponder

Her are few more factors which must be considered before you tackle your laundry day:

  • Location of the Laundromat: The laundry prices greatly depend on the location of the laundromat and the operating costs of that specific area. Coin laundromats which are located in high-rise building apartments or in tourist spots, might offer higher prices as compared to those laundromats located in residential neighborhoods.
  • Add-ons: Few coin laundromats offer washing supplies like vending detergents for customers’ convenience. The price for detergents may vary between 2-5 AED (0.54-1.35 USD) per wash cycle. Satin removers and fabric softeners might also be available for added convenience.
  • Keep the Coins: Always remember the thumb rule: keep the plenty of coins like 1AED and 5AED as majority of the laundromats don’t offer change.

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Added Laundry Services

Besides coin washing services, most of the laundromats offer comprehensive laundry related services to cater diverse customers’ needs and budgets.

  • Wash & fold Services: Many coin laundromats in UAE offer wash and fold services. You can enjoy these service by paying additional costs.
  • Full Laundry Service: Full laundry services include picking up your dirty laundry form your location and having it professionally washed, dried and folded and delivered at your location for a fixed price generally per kg.

Enhancing the Coin Laundry Experience: Smart Tips

By now, you must be well-equipped with required information related to coin laundry costs and the key factors that impact these prices. Here are some additional tips which can help you enhance your laundry experience at any coin laundromat:

  • Sort it out: Sort-out your laundry by colors and fabric type. Separate lights, darks and delicates. Make sure you choose proper washing and drying cycles. This will save your valuable time.
  • Select the Right Machine Size: Control your temptations for overloading the washing drum. Never overload the small-sized machine as it may clean ineffectively. Similarly, if large machines are used for smaller loads, it will be waste the money and valuable resources.
  • Utilize Loyalty Programs: Few laundromats offer punch cards and loyalty programs for their repeated customers on certain number of wash cycles. Never miss out to get benefitted from such rewards which may include few free washes or discounted laundry rates during the peak hours.
  • Utilize Your Time Well: Time is money. Try to wash and dry your clothes at the same time in order to be more time-efficient. Bring a magazine or your favorite book along for a happy reading or just use WiFi and listen to your favorite music.
  • Bring Your Washing Supplies Along: Always keep your pre-measured coin laundry detergents along with you. This will eliminate your hassle to buy expensive detergents form the laundomat.


Coin operated washing machines and dryers offer an easy and convenient solution for busy individuals, keeping their clothes clean and fresh in Dubai. We have explored coin operated laundry prices in UAE and the factors impact these prices. Machine size and wash cycle selection also impact the laundry costs. Coin laundry prices typically fall between AED 5-20 (1.35USD-5.40 USD). These prices depend on the size and location of the laundromat.

To maximize your laundry experience, sort out your laundry, select the right machine size, never overload, making best use of your time, bringing washing supplies like detergents and getting benefit from loyalty cards. All these practices will help you streamline your laundry day. People looking for more convenience, they can explore laundromats which offer full laundry services offering laundry pick wash and drop services

With just a little planning and utilizing few practical tips, you can streamline your laundry day while staying within your means.

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