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Coin Washing Machine Price: UAE and Around the World!

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For majority, laundry day should be left for another day. But for those living in crowded residential buildings which lack in-unit laundry facility, coin operated washing machines are the knight is the shining armor. These machines are like trusted partners which offer convenient and most budget-friendly solution to keep your clothes fresh and clean.

The investment costs for business owners and laundry costs for users may vary in UAE and around the world. Today’s blog post will explore the world of coin operated washing machines, navigating their prices in UAE and worldwide.

Coin Washing Machines Price Breakdown in UAE

UAE offers both modern apartments and busy cities, presenting a potential business landscape for coin operated laundry equipment. Let us first look at the key factors that impact the prices for both stakeholders and users. The coin operated washing machines prices vary due to size and its features.  Here is the general price breakdown:

  • 6Kg Capacity Top-Loader Washer (Small): AED1,00 to AED 2,200 (USD $440 to USD $600)
  • 8kg Capacity Front-Loader (Large): AED 2,500 and AED 3,300 (USD $680 to USD $900)
  • Additional Features: Additional features like multiple wash cycle options like, hot and cold water, energy efficient features, digital controls and stainless steel drums are the key factors that may impact the prices of machines and laundry costs

Coin Operated Laundry Cost Breakdown

For those individuals who use coin operated laundry equipment, keep in mind, here are the typical laundry costs per wash cycle in UAE:

  • Price Per Wash Cycle Prices: AED 5 to AED 15 (USD $1.40 to USD $4.10)
  • Coin Washing Machines Cost Breakdown-A Global Snapshot

The cost of washing machines can vary significantly across the world. Let us take a tour of coin laundry costs per wash cycle in other countries:

  • North America: Just like UAE, coin operated washing machines prices fall within a comparable range. Whereas, the wash cycle costs can be a bit higher, generally these range between USD $2 to USD $5.
  • Europe: Coin operated laundromats are less common in Europe as most of the households have in-unit laundry facility. But those who lack in-unit laundry facility, may depend on coin operated laundry equipment and their prices are slightly lesser than the North America and UAE.
  • Developing Countries: In developing countries coin operated laundromats are less prevalent. Such machines might exist there but they might be less expensive or older models.

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Key Factors that Impact the Machines Prices

  • Brand Worth: Famous brands might demand higher prices as compared to less-known brands.
  • Energy Efficient Features: Those coin washing machines which offer energy efficient features tend to cost more upfront costs. This can decrease future operational costs by reduced utility bills.
  • Living Costs: Most of the time, the cost of living at a specific location may impact the prices of machines as well as wash cycle costs. High-end locations like Downtown and Marina Dubai may offer more expensive machines and coin operated laundry costs as compared to its suburban areas.

The Dynamic Future of Laundry Payments

The coin factor may remain a traditional and most popular payment feature in UAE coin laundromats, but the technology is the game-changer in almost every filed so coin laundry is no exception. Here are few key emerging trends:

  • Laundry Apps: Laundry aps have been introduced to accept payments. This new experience has enabled its users to reserve machines remotely, check their wash cycle status and to get notified as their laundry cycles finishes.
  • Payments through Cards: Most of the laundromats accept payments through debit cards and credit cards.
  • Mobile Payments: Today the payments can be made through mobile wallets which totally eliminates the need to carry the coins, the change or the cash around.

Vending Washing Machine Business Tips

  • Compare Prices: Keep shop around and compare prices taken from different machine distributors. This will help you grab the best deal.
  • Machine Capacity: Assess your target clients and consider which machine size will best suit your laundry needs. For apartment buildings with studio units, smaller machines will be suitable, whereas for larger families, large vending coin washing machines might be more suitable.
  • Durability: Coin operated washing machines have to be durable enough as they have to withstand frequent wash cycles. Always invest in good quality and durable machines to minimize future maintenance costs.

Tips for Coin Laundry Users

  • Bring Quarters: In most of the coin laundromats, traditional coin mechanism are used. Better you bring quarters or check beforehand. Ask them whether they accept payments through coins or cashless methods.
  • Make Price Comparison: As wash cycle options vary between laundromats, it is a good practice to check the prices before starting your wash cycle.
  • Combine Loads: Choosing the option of washing multiple loads together as a single wash cycle can save your costs. However, do not overload the washing drum as it can decrease the cleaning effectiveness.


Coin operated washing machines provide a convenient laundry solution for many busy individuals and families especially living in a crowded apartments, lacking in-house laundry facility. Many business owners consider coin laundry business in UAE considering machine size, features and durability while purchasing coin operated washing machines. On the other hand, the laundry users compare wash cycle prices while combining their laundry loads to make it a cost-friendly task. The coin washing machine price for small capacity of 6Kg ranges between AED1,00 to AED 2,200 (USD $440 to USD $600), for larger capacity machines of 8Kg, its prices range between AED 2,500 and AED 3,300 (USD $680 to USD $900).  Coin operated washing machines price may differ globally. North America and UAE almost share the same prices, however Europe may offer slightly lesser prices and laundry costs.

The future of coin operated laundry equipment might ditch the use of coins altogether with mobile wallets, credit cards, debit cards and mobile apps which enable its users to book, manage and view their laundry status remotely.  This trusted coin may remain a constant in future but the flood of technology may wash it away in the coin laundry world.

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