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Coin Operated Washing Machines for Sale: An Ultimate Guide!

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Living a high-life in Dubai sounds perfect! But even a living paradise will have laundry woes. For people living in cramped apartments without in-unit laundry facility, or people who mange to live in labor camps, the laundry mountains can quickly pileup and can dominate your entire living space.

Worry not, my fellow Dubai residents! This blog post is your one-window-service to win the world of coin operated washing machines in Dubai. You will also be guided on how to buy a perfect machine, explore the available options and will be able catch some practical tips for a smooth laundry experience.

Lets’ face it, no one wants a laundry drama anymore!

Why Coin Operated Washing Machines are Lifesaver in Dubai?

Let’s be fair enough, purchasing expensive and fancy washing machines is not possible for everyone. Coin operated washing machines offer a bunch of advantages especially for students, renters and budget-conscious individuals of Dubai society. These machines are the hot-favorite due to their top attractive features like:

  • Offers Convenience: In Dubai, convenience reigns in almost every matter. Coin operated washing machines offer great convenience to anyone who wants to have their laundry washed. I mean laundry on-demand. You don’t have to face any maintenance hassles.
  • Clean Clothes Spreads Happiness: Latest coin operated washing machines offer various wash cycles for all your laundry needs, from delicate to heavy-duty fabrics. You stay clean, fresh and feel happy.
  • Saves Your Money: Its purchase don’t require a hefty cost. You only have to pay when you want to wash your clothes.
  • Saves Your Space: Living in a cramped apartment or in a studio-unit, coin operated washing machines saves your space for all your cool Dubai finds.

Ways to Find Your Right Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

There are several top-of-the-line companies in Dubai which specialize in selling best laundry lifesavers. Here is what to consider when you are going to pick your perfect fit:

  • Choose Right-Sized Machine: Think what your average laundry load is. Coin operated washing machines come in different sizes generally range from 6kg to 12kg. These sizes are perfect for solo washing warriors, for families or bulk laundry needs and for labour camps living.
  • Top Loader Vs Front Loader: The top loader washing machines are more affordable but are bulky in their design. Front loaders are smart in their design so are space savers and use less water and energy. However these offer a slight higher prices.
  • Wash Cycles Options: Go for machines which offer various wash cycles for different fabric types from delicates to heavy-duty fabrics. They must offer you an option of quick washes when you are running short of time. It should offer you bonus points features like delay timers, spin cycle water level control.
  • Best Quality Machines: Choose a machine with high quality components which could withstand frequent use. It must offer a solid warranty for your stress-free laundry days.
  • Coin Factor: Choose a machine which can offer various denominations of the coins which are commonly used in Dubai. No one wants to feel stuck at the laundry due to a wrong change.

Proper Installation: Ensure your seller offer you proper installation and after sales services for your new laundry machine.

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Top Suppliers of Coin Operated Washing Machines in Dubai

Need a starting spot for your search for coin operated washing machines? Here are some top rated companies selling these machines in Dubai:

  • Vending Ways: This is a trusted name as a top suppliers of coin operated washing machines in Dubai. They offer a wide range of coin washer and dryers offering best quality, installation and after sales services. You can check out their website to view full range of coin washing machines and dryers. Get a detailed info about their machines prices, discount offers and cool washing stands. Check out their comprehensive products and services at:
  • E Smart Laundry Machine Trading LLC: They specialize in commercial laundry equipment. They offer coin washing machines with various capacities and features.
  • Professional Laundry Equipment Trading PLET: This supplier caters to both commercial and residential laundry requirements. You can explore their services if you need bulk laundry needs.

Win Your Laundry Like a Pro!

Once you have grabbed your perfect-fit, here are few tips to excel your laundry adventure at any laundromat:

  • Sorting-out Your Laundry: Before you leave your home for a laundry day adventure, just pause, sort out your clothes by fabric type, color, and soil level for achieving the best cleaning results. Sorting your laundry well sets the very foundation for having a perfect laundry.
  • Reading the Instructions Carefully: Every machine offers different instructions to run. Get yourself familiarized with the instructions. It is better to grab its operating instructions as well as wash cycle options to avoid laundry tragedies.
  • Picking the Right Detergent: Don’t buy low-quality detergents. Go for high quality detergents which are designed for coin operated washing machines. Remember, regular detergents can cause compromised cleaning.
  • Be Well Prepared: You should always carry detergent and a correct change to avoid any laundry day downtime.


Here you have your own workhorse! Coin operated washing machines provide a convenient, budget friendly and space saving solution for conquering your mountains of laundry in Dubai particularly for cramped apartment residents. With a wide ranging machine capacity and features, trusted suppliers to choose from, you can buy a perfect-fit to keep your clothes clean. Always remember to consider the key factors like machine size, wash cycle options, and best quality and ease of use when making your purchase. Finally, with the help of few practical tips like sorting out your laundry, using the right type of detergent, reading the instructions carefully, you can overcome your laundry day with more confidence. Time to tackle that laundry pile! Fresh clothes are waiting to greet your bright new day.

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