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Coin Washing Machine Prices and Coin Laundry Costs around the World!

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Let us admit the fact, laundry day isn’t always a stylish job. But for those living in cramped apartments or university dorms and housing which lack in-unit laundry facility, coin operated machines are the lifesavers. Coin operated laundry equipment provides a convenient solution for those who lack in-house laundry facility.

This blog post will explore the world of these lifesavers where the ultimate convenience reigns. Individuals who are on a look out to buy new coin operated washing machines and dryers, will be guided as we will explore different capacities of these magical wonders which are available in different sizes and capacities from small size perfect for delicate to the extra-large ones that handle  large-families loads. You will also know which machine capacities are best for what laundry loads they are best suited for. You will be given simplified break down to coin washing machine price ranges in UAE with a peek of international trends.

Are you ready to navigate the easiest coin laundry roadmap to navigate your laundry day without breaking the bank? Stay tuned!

Machine Capacity Considerations

Coin operated washing machine and dryers are available in UAE in different sizes best suited for different weights of laundry loads. Weights could be measured in pounds (lbs) in many parts of the world. Here is the typical breakdown of sizes and capacities of coin operated washing machines and what size of laundry they can handle:

  1. Small Size (5-6 kg / 11-13 lbs): Perfect for apartments, university dorms or for small laundry loads like delicates.
  2. Medium Size: (7-8 kg / 15-17 lbs): These are good for regular laundry loads, best for single individual or a couple.
  3. Large Size (9-12 kg / 20-26 lbs): Ideal for large families or heavy items like comforters.
  4. Extra Large Size (14+ kg / 30+ lbs): These washing warriors can handle massive laundry loads found in laundromats.

While selecting the machine size, you need to assess your laundry needs first. Never overfill the machine as it reduces its efficiency. Remember, overloading may cause wrinkled clothes.

Coin Operated Washing Machine For Sale Prices

Now you must be curious about the prices of coin operated washing machine for sale in dubai. Here is a sneak peek to their estimated prices in UAE:

  1. Small Washer/Dryer: AED 1,600 – 2,200
  2. Medium Washer/Dryer: AED 2,500-3,300
  3. Large Washer/Dryer: AED 3,200-4,700
  4. Extra Large Washer/Dryer: Not usually available for general purchase

These are the general price estimations for coin washing machines that may vary depending on the machine’s brand, its offered features and the supplier.

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Coin Laundry Costs

The costs per wash cycle for coin operated laundry in UAE may vary depending on the machine size, location of the laundry facility and the wash cycle you choose. Here are estimated costs per wash cycle in UAE estimates:

  1. Small Wash Cycle: 5-7 AED
  2. Medium Wash Cycle: 7-10 AED
  3. Large Wash Cycle: 10-15 AED
  4. Extra Large Wash Cycle: 15+ AED

Coin Laundry Costs Worldwide

Wash cycle costs can vary globally. If you are in US, you must expect to pay coin laundry prices between US$2-US$5 per wash cycle. Whereas, the European countries might offer slightly higher prices. However, on your laundry day, keep searching for laundromats which offer card or app based payment system for the customer’s convenience.

What are the Drying Costs in coin laundry?

Just like washers, drying costs may vary depending on size and drying cycle options. Here is a rough drying cost estimates in UAE:

  1. Small Dryer: 4-6 AED per cycle
  2. Medium Dryer: 6-8 AED per cycle
  3. Large Dryer: 8-12 AED per cycle
  4. Extra Large Dryer: 12+ AED per cycle

International Drying Costs

Drying costs tend to be a little lower in UAE as compared to prices globally.  Keep in mind, drying time may vary depending in the fabric type and size of the laundry load. Don’t over-dry your clothes as it may cause shrinkage and might consume more energy.


Master your laundry day without draining your wallet. This blog post has exposed the world of coin operated washers and dryers, their prices and laundry costs in UAE and around the world. Coin washing machines and dryers come in different sizes and capacities ranging from small to extra-large machines. Make sure you choose the right machine depending on your needs. Small coin washers and dryers are perfect for small and delicate fabrics and for large laundry loads and bigger bulky items, extra-large coin washers will be perfect. Choosing the right size of coin washer prevents overloading and ensures a wrinkle-less wash.

We have also explored the purchase prices of the coin washing machines and dryers. Prices range from AED 1600 for smaller units to AED 4700 for large sized washers and dryers.

Knowledge about drying costs is also crucial. Drying costs vary depending on different factors like dryer brans, capacity, and location of the laundromat and duration of the drying cycle. Classically, you must expect to pay AED 5-15 AED depending on the size of the coin washer. These costs may range $2 to $5 per wash cycles in US. Always consider laundromats which offer coinless payments like, payments made through cards and mobile apps. Remember not to over-dry your clothes to save energy as well as shrinkage.

What is your key take away? With a smart planning and understanding the prices and costs landscape of coin operated laundry equipment, you can take advantage form the knowledge you have gathered about these washing warriors. Now, navigate your laundry day like a pro in UAE market and beyond.  Always seek laundromats which offer loyalty cards or off-peak hour discounts. This will further optimize your laundry budget.  Armed with plenty of understanding about coin washer dryer, their prices and costs, you will be a laundry day warrior. You can conquer mounts of dirty clothes smartly, affordably and efficiently, leaving you with ample time for doing things you love.

So on your next laundry day, don’t sweat, rock your wash cycles with a clean spin!

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