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Million-Dollar Tips to Start Vending Washing Machine Business

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Today, the world runs on convenience, and this includes laundry. Vending Washing Machine Business offer an easy and smart solution for the busy individuals living in dorms, residential apartment buildings and other areas lacking in-house laundry facility. That’s is why this niche market has a great potential for earning a passive income. But as other businesses, coin laundry business also needs proper planning and research and demands few prerequisites.

Are you new to this business niche? No stress! This blog post will guide you with all the necessary knowledge and details you need, helping you navigate this market of vending coin washing machine. Let us get you introduced to its few crucial aspects as listed:

  • A Thorough Market Research
  • Securing the Best-Fit
  • Locking the Best Location
  • Maximizing Profits
  • Developing Loyal Customers

Let us explain them one by one for your convenience.

A Thorough Market Research

Before your dive into the coin laundry business, conduct a detailed market research to explore the market of vending coin washing machines. Here are few questions you must ask to yourself and get their answers jot down:

  • Your Target Audience: Who are your ideal customers? Are they young professionals, students or individuals living in residential apartments? What are their laundry habits? What specific needs they have related to laundry? What is their monthly laundry budget?
  • Market Competition: Are there any existing laundromats in your area? If yes, then what are the strengths and weaknesses in those laundromats? Once you identify the gaps, you can better plan your business services accordingly like you can target on offering better detergents and faster wash cycles and much more.
  • Location: Consider areas with high foot-traffic like college dorms, apartment buildings and laundromats with over-crowded coin operated washing machines as they present a good potential for setting up your luandromat there. You must research local rules, regulations and required permits for vending washing machine business.
  • Financial Planning and Projections: Develop a comprehensive business plan while outlining all start-up costs, machines inventory and installation, its operational costs like water, electricity and detergents. Make well-defined cost projections. Include potential repair and maintenance costs in that plan as well.

Securing the Right Kind of Machines

Vending washing machines are available in different sizes and multiple features. Make sure you must include these important factors while securing the right kind of machines:

  • Machine Capacity: Are the machines able to handle large loads like bulky items or are suitable for daily laundry needs?
  • Wash Cycle Options: Do your machines offer a wide range of wash cycle options with multiple range options of water temperature settings to cater diverse laundry needs?
  • Payment Options: See what payment options do this machines offer? Coin operated laundry equipment is simple but may limit your customers. Ensure you consider operated washing machines which offer cashless payments system like credit cards or payment through mobile apps. Consider card-readers as a more user-friendly payment option.
  • Durability: Never forget to invest in heavy duty durable machines. Only solid and well-built structures can withstand frequent use. Consider for reliable service providers with proper warranties.
  • Water Efficient Features: Machines which offer eco-friendly features like being water-efficient are well-appreciated by environment-conscious customers. You must explore models which offer low-water consumption per cycle features.

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Locking the Best Location

Securing a strategic location greatly impacts the success of your coin laundry business in UAE. Here is how you can secure a perfect spot:

  • Focusing Your Target Market: Focus on targeting areas with high foot-traffic of your ideal customers. Your potential target market is busy apartment buildings, college and university campuses, and transportation hubs.
  • Negotiating Well: Develop a well-defined and well-researched proposal for your landlords highlighting the benefits of your coin operated washing machines bringing for the residents and tenants. Be well-prepared to negotiate well on profit sharing terms and agreements to create win-win situations.
  • Making it Visible and Accessible: Ensure you choose a well-lit and easily accessible location within the selected property. Sensibly consider the footfall patterns of your potential customers and ensure your machines are not congested or their visibility is not troubled.
  • Keeping it Safe and Secure: Make safety and security of your coin laundry equipment as a top concern. Prioritize the safety of your facility with robust security features like CCTV cameras to prevent chances of theft and vandalism.

Maximizing Profits

Once you have installed your coin operated washing machines, focus on maximizing your profits by optimizing your daily operations:

  • Regular Inventory: You need to stock sufficient amount of washing supplies like laundry detergent, fabric softener, and other supplies which are in demand. Check your inventory levels regularly and restock as required.
  • Maintenance: Develop a regular maintenance schedule to optimize the machine function. Make sure your address any reported issues promptly. This will prevent the potential breakdowns that may cause dissatisfied customers.
  • Collect Cash: Develop a secure method to collect cash or managing the card reader data. You can collaborate with armed cash collection services which can provide you an extra layer of security.
  • Price Right: Research well about the pricing strategy of your major competitors in the local market. Set a competitive price to make a reasonable profit and remains attractive for your customers as well.

Developing Loyal Customers

Achieving customer satisfaction is the key to long term success. Here is how you can develop loyal customers:

  • Maintain Your Machines: Maintain a well-functioning and well-managed clean machines. Offer your customers with money-back guarantee if they found unsatisfactory washes due to any malfunctioning of the machine.
  • Provide Clear Instruction about Machines: Provide precise and easy-to-follow instructions about the machine operation and detergent usage. You must provide these instructions in different languages for your customers’ added-convenience.
  • Provide Excellent Customer Service: Behave responsibly so be well- responsive to your customers’ concerns. Answer to their complaint and quarries promptly. You must offer a reliable and trusted communication channel for your customers like email, phone numbers and email address. So, they can reach out to you for any laundry concerns.
  • Add Value-Added Services: Offer your customers with more laundry related services which will add value to their laundry experience. This could be stain removal, steam press, ironing or folding services to boost your revenues.
  • Promotional Offers: Market your services well and execute promotional offers in the form of introducing discount deals and loyalty cards to attract more customers.


Today’s world demands convenience and coin operated washing machines offer an easy laundry solution for busy individuals. To excel in coin vending washing machine business in UAE, this niche requires a careful research and planning. Conduct a thorough research, identify your target audience and analyze existing competitors for market completion. Once you analyze gaps, secure an ideal location with high foot traffic. Invest in best quality, durable and efficient machines that can cater diverse laundry requirements efficiently with minimized downtimes. Prioritize machine maintenance and offer exceptional customer service. Address your customers concerns promptly that will help you build loyal customers. Consider offering them laundry-related value-added services and offer them exciting discounts and loyalty cards. By following these steps, you can excel in your coin laundry business in UAE.

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