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Laundry on a Budget! Coin Operated Washing Machines Prices in Dubai

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Dubai’s fast-flying lives leave laundry piles waiting under the wings.  Coin operated washing machines offer a life saver here as they provide a perfectly hassle-free and laundry on a budget options for everyone living in Dubai be it a resident, worker or a short time visitor who happens to live a small apartment with a limited laundry facility. But how much does this coin operated washing machine’s convenience actually costs in Dubai? This blog post will dive in a magical world of coin operated washing machine to explore their prices in Dubai, lacing you with proper knowledge while navigating the laundry costs in a smart way.

Basic Price Breakdowns: Coin-Op Washing Machine VS Laundry Service

Before we explore the world of coin operated washing machines, get a basic knowledge about the major difference in their functions.

  • Coin Operated Washing Machines: In coin operated machines, you pay per wash like machine sizes, wash cycles and kind of coin operated washing machine itself.
  • Laundry Service: This service offers a complete laundry solution with proper pick and drop facility including cleaning drying, dry cleaning and steam press services. Being convenient, it generally incurs higher costs as compared to coin operated washing machines.

The Latest Prices of Coin Operated Washing Machines in Dubai

Calculating the exact price for each single wash of coin operated washing machine is not possible to figure our due to its variations, but here are key factors that may influence the coin vending machines prices in Dubai:

  • Machine Size: Larger the, higher the capacity and that will naturally cost higher prices per wash as compared to small sized machines. You need to select a machine size which can accommodate your laundry loads effectively well.
  • Wash Cycle Options: Different wash cycle options can cater to multiple clothing types and fabric demands. When it comes to having intensive washing cycles or high temperature water is used for longer durations, this will cost you higher.
  • Location: Washing machines prices can vary due to their location. Coin-op machines which are located where the footfall is higher like tourists hubs, might charge you slightly more as compared to coin washers placed in residential areas.
  • Added Features: Few of coin washers offer machines with some added features like steam cleaning and sanitizing wash cycles. These additional features might incur higher costs per wash.

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Estimated Prices of Coin Operated Washing Machines Per Wash Cycle in Dubai

As for specific coin washing machines, prices can vary, here are the general price estimation for coin washing machines in Dubai:

  1. Small Sized Machine Per Wash Cycle (Basic Clothes): 5-10 AED (1.35-2.70 USD)
  2. Medium Sized Machine Per Wash Cycle (Regular Clothes): 10-15 AED (2.70-4.05 USD)
  3. Large Sized Machine Per Wash Cycle (Heavy Loads): 15-20 AED (4.05-5.40 USD)

Consider Few More Cost-Saving Tips:

Always remember, the coin washing machines may involve few more factors to consider which might impact your total laundry costs to control:

  • Detergent: Few laundromats might provide detergent vending machines, however bringing your own detergent can help you control on costs.
  • Fabric Softener: Few coin washers offer fabric softeners as an additional expense depending if you prefer that.
  • Wash Full Loads: Always optimize your machine capacity by filling it with full load of laundry whenever possible. This maximum utilization reduces the number of wash cycles that saves your additional wash cycles and so is the cost.
  • Air Dry: Whenever the weather allows, never forget to air dry your clothes instead of using a dryer. It will save your additional drying costs.
  • Pre-Treat the Stains: Pre-treating the tough stains before washing can eliminate the need of using hot water and long wash cycles to save money.
  • Choose the Right Wash Cycle: Don’t over pay for having an intense wash cycle unless it is a must. You must select the regular wash cycle to all clothes to save for saving costs.
  • Stick to Laundry Loyalty Programs: Few of the laundromats offer loyalty programs that are aimed to reward its most frequent customers with free washes and discount offers. Ask about them at your preferred laundry service provider.

Exploring the Best Laundry Service Options

While coin operated washing machines are the cost-effective laundry service, might be even more convenient in few situations. Here are some key points to ponder:

  1. Expensive Garments: If you have expensive clothes or delicate fiber garments, you must go for having a professional laundry cleaning services. This might eliminate the risk of shrinkage risks and fabric damage.
  2. Busy Schedule: If you have limited free time, laundry services can free you form this tedious task altogether.
  3. Large Loads: If you have large laundry loads, a professional laundry service might be a more convenient and an effective option.


In Dubai, where life is fast-paced, coin operated washing machines offer a life-saver, especially for apartment residents. Before you dive into the world of laundry, understanding their costs is a key. You need to consider different coin operated laundry options available in the market that suits your needs. Prices of these coin washers vary as per their usage, capacity, machine size, water cycle selection, location and additional features offered by these coin washers. Their prices also vary due to being available in different sizes from small to medium and large as per their load capacities. These machines might offer you few additional features like vending washer detergents, fabric softener and drying options which further impacts the prices of these coin washers in Dubai. While considering all these key factors and practicing few cost-saving tips will further help you cut laundry costs that includes washing with full loads, choosing the right wash cycle, pre-treating the stains, air drying and gaining the benefits of customer loyalty programs. For your delicate and expensive clothes and for large laundry loads, seeking professional laundry service is a wise option.

This blog post has really gotten you well-quipped with the necessary knowledge and practical tips to explore the prices of coin operated washing machines in Dubai efficiently. Now go forth and conquer those big piles of laundry being piled under your wings, without being broke.

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