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Coin Operated Washers Costs in Dubai: Enhancing Guest Convenience

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Dubai’s hospitality industry is always striving to enhance its guest expectations. Therefore, providing an in-house laundry facility is a most valuable amenity. Regular laundry services can be an expensive option for your guests, but coin operated washers solve this problem perfectly well. Coin operated washing machines offer a cost-effective and a convenient solutions for your guests laundry needs and can generate revenues for your hotel as a smart money munching tool.  This blog explains about the capital costs involved in setting up a coin operated washing machine business within your hotel in Dubai enabling you to take a well-informed decision for your coin-op washer business.

Why Coin Operated Washers can Make Sense for Hotels?

Starting your coin operated laundry business in your hotel offers multiple key benefits:

  1. Improved Guest Convenience: Your guests will appreciate the convenience of enjoying laundry at their preferred timings especially if they are staying for extended days.
  2. Increased Guest Satisfaction: Providing a coin-op laundry facility can help improving your guests’ satisfaction as they enhance your guest laundry experience and that leads to good reviews about your guest services.
  3. Increased Revenues: Coin operated laundry business can generate additional revenues for your hotel, contributing towards your business goals.
  4. Space Optimization: Coin Operated washers generally require less space as compared to the regular washing machines so they optimize space.

Capital Costs: Key Breakdowns for Coin Operated Laundry Business

Multiple factors impact your decision when it comes to setting up a coin washer business at a hotel facility in Dubai. You can choose which laundry service you want to set-up. Few of these options could be considered:

  • Commercial Washing Machines: Investing in high quality and durable commercial grade washing machines for heavy laundry loads and frequent use is most suitable. These machines offer a quick and efficient performance as compared to typical home washing machines. These machines can withstand diverse guests’ demands of a hotel setting.
  • Commercial Grade Dryers: While not necessary, if you also provide commercial grade dryers along with the coin operated washer, it will further enhance your guest’s convenience. You can keep a variety of dryers and sizes to meet multiple laundry loads.
  • Ventilation System for Dryers: While installing the commercial grade dryers, make sure your hotel have proper ventilation system to remove additional moisture they generate.
  • Laundry Amenities: Provide additional laundry facilities like ironing boards, detergent vending machines and a comfortable sitting arrangement for the waiting guests.
  • Reliable Coin Payment Options: Select a reliable coin collection option which could accept various denominations or can offer a cashless payment system for the added comfort of your hotel guests.
  • Proper Plumping and Electrical Connections: Include this factor in the overall installation costs while installing coin operated washing machine and dryers make sure that there is proper electrical connections and a plumbing facility is available facility.

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Cost Estimation for Coin Operated Washers and Dryers Investment

While the precise investment cost varies depending on machine brand, capacity and features, here is a general price estimation for commercial grade coin operated washers in Dubai:

  • Commercial Grade Coin Operated Washing Machine: 20,000 AED – 40,000 AED (5,445 USD – 10,890 USD)
  • Commercial Grade Dryer: 15,000 AED – 30,000 AED (4,058 USD – 8,115 USD)

Few More Capital Cost Considerations

Remember to consider these listed potential costs:

  • Payment System: Costs may be varied as per the selected payment option system including coin and cashless payments.
  • Initial Detergent Supply: Providing an initial supply of detergent in your coin washers will enhance your customers’ laundry experience.
  • Design and Layout: If you are creating a laundry room, consider any lay-out and design in order to accommodate your guests laundry needs comfortably well.
  • Signs and Instructions: Use clear signs and clearly written instructions on how to use the machine is a key factor to consider.

Operational Costs to Consider

Besides the capital costs, considering operational costs is also significant. This might include costs on:

  • Laundry Supplies: If you have chosen to provide stock detergent or few other laundry supplies, it will add up to the cost of replenishing these items.
  • Utility Bills: Electricity and water consumption is a key factor that will add its operational costs in terms of utility bills.
  • Maintenance & Repair: Planning a regular schedule for preventive maintenance to avoid machine breakdown that can disturb the guest laundry needs. Make sure you have a budget for potential repair and maintenance.

Calculating Returns on Investments (ROI)

Before you invest, you potential return on investment must be well projected. Here is what to consider:

  1. Estimate Your Laundry Usage: Do a proper homework and analyze your average laundry service usage rates in almost similar hotels in Dubai.
  2. Pricing: After estimating your laundry usage, now determine a competitive pricing strategy for each wash cycle and dry cycle.
  3. Guest Occupancy Rates: Do consider carefully that what are your typical guests’ occupancy rates to work out the number of potential laundry users.

Multiple Financing Options

Many financing options may cover your initial capital costs to making an investment in coin operated washers in a hotel industry.

  1. Equipment Lease: Taking coin operated washers on lease can spread the costs over a stipulated period of time. This can potentially improve the cash flow.
  2. Business Loan: Many banks and financial institutions provide business loans especially for the purchase of equipments and business expansions. This option could be considered if needed.


There are several factors that might help you cover initial costs you need for investing in coin operating washing machine business in a hotel in Dubai. There are key factors, if considered can help you have indepth knowledge of investment costs needed to start a coin operated laundry business in a hotel setting. Few top factors that must be considered include, understanding the benefits of coin washers in terms of enhanced guest convenience and satisfaction, increased revenues and space optimization. You can breakdown your capital costs by considering which machines can meet your guests’ laundry needs by considering their features offered by commercial grade washing machines and dryers. Having a fair knowledge of their price estimation in Dubai, you can choose which machine meets your business needs well.  After selecting the machine, work on few more factors to enhance your customers’ laundry experience including clear and well-written instructions to use these coin op washers, making available the laundry supplies like detergent and fabric softener and a comfortable sitting arrangement for the waiting guests. Consider the future operational costs also which will be added in the form of utility bills to keep a good check on operational costs. Estimating your average laundry usage, guest occupancy rates and setting a competitive pricing strategy can bring higher returns of investments. You can also get helped by multiple financing options if you are tight on a budget and yet want to keep your laundry function running like a whirl of a coin operated washing machine in Dubai. Stay spinning, keep growing!

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