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Master the Machines: Coin Laundry Care Tips

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Coin operated washing machines are the founding pillars in UAE laundromats, offering users a convenient and cost-friendly laundry solutions. But for the coin laundry business owner, it is crucial to keep these machines running smoothly and efficiently to maintain a steady income. Therefore, Regular maintenance is vital to prevent the potential breakdowns and pricy repairs, and that ultimately lose your revenues.

Today’s blog post offers you a complete guideline helping you explore valuable tips and insights to maintain these washing warriors to keep your coins flowing.

Why do I Need to Maintain My Coin Operated Washing Machine?

Think of a machine as a workhorse which ensure a continuous stream of laundry loads, demanding wash cycles and harsh detergents without break. Without keeping regular maintenance these machines are prone to:

  • Breakdowns: Machine’s damages lead to lost revenues when they undergo repairs.
  • Wear and Tear: When machines are run overtime or for extended hours with no breaks, they can experience leaks, rusts, and overall wear and tear. All such damages can impact heavily on the costs of repairs and costly replacements.
  • Low Efficiency: Coin operated washing machines which are not properly maintained, they may use more energy and more water, becoming less efficient and leading to more operational costs.
  • Lack of Customer Satisfaction: Who would like to use a malfunctioning washing machine? Of course no one! Regular machine maintenance ensures a positive customer’s laundry experience and encourages repeated business.

When you prioritize to implement preventive maintenance, you avoid these laundry blues and ensure your coin operated washing machines operating smoothly in the days to come.

Estimated Maintenance Costs on coin operated washing machines

Here are the key factors which impact the maintenance of coin operated washing machines in UAE:

  • Type of Repair Needed: The basic level of preventive maintenance generally costs less as compared to major repairs.
  • Frequency of Repair: If you make regular check-ups, they are more affordable than waiting for a major breakdown.
  • Complexity Involved: Replacing a broken door hinge will definitely be less costly as compared to fixing a malfunctioning control panel.
  • Location: The cost of labor can vary depending on the geographical location of your laudromat.

Machine Maintenance Costs Ranges

Here is your guide for cost ranges to give you a basic understanding:

  1. Preventive Maintenance: You must expect to pay between AED 200-500 (US$ 54-136) for a basic inspection and cleaning service. This would also include checking leaks, proper drainage and cleaning filters.
  2. Minor Repairs: If you need minor repairs like replacing the door lock or a malfunctioning hose, this can range between AED 100-300 (US$27-81) depending on the parts required to be replaced.
  3. Major Repairs: When you need to fix a control panel or a malfunctioning motor, this can easily cost you between AED 500-1000 (US$ 136-272) or in some cases more, based on the complexity of repair involved.

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Super-Fast DIY Maintenance Tips

Few repair tasks require a professional touch, few simple things at laundromat you can do to save your valuable money and can extend the life span of your coin operated washing machines.

  • Wiping Down the Exterior: Make a habit of regularly wiping down the machines exterior with a damp cloth, remove debris and dirt. A clean machine is more appealing to the users and contributes towards their long life span.
  • Descaling: Using a descaling solution for removing mineral buildup can improve machine’s performance.
  • Check Leaks: Keep checking the leaks on a regular basis. Check for hoses and water connections. Notice carefully, if the professional help is required, call them immediately.
  • Clean Lint Trap: Clean the lint trap after every wash cycle in order to prevent clogs. This will ensure proper draining.

When to Seek a Professional Help?

For more complicated major repairs, it is crucial to call an expert technician. Here is a when:

  • Machine isn’t Working Properly: Don’t try to fix major issues by yourself. This will end up leading to more damages.
  • Electrical Issues: Never try yourself to troubleshoot electrical issues. Let it be handled by the expert electrician.
  • Annual Preventive Maintenance: Make a thorough inspection by an expert professional on a yearly basis in order to identify potential issues before they arise.

Find the Right and Trusted Maintenance Service Provider:

Selecting the right service providing company for maintenance is important to ensure the machines are maintained properly and effectively. Here are top tips to consider:

  • Seek Recommendations: Speak to other laundromats in your area for providing your references of reliable servicing companies.
  • Compare Quotes: Get quotation from several companies before finalizing a servicing company.
  • Check their Qualifications: Ensure the servicing company employs expert technicians with sufficient experience in servicing coin operated washing machines.


By prioritizing regular maintenance of coin operated washing machine in Dubai, you are in fact investing in the future of your coin laundry business. Generally the regular maintenance costs in UAE ranges from AED 200 to 1000 (US$ 54-272) depending on the level of service your machines require. This will avoid future costly breakdowns and helps you reduce operating costs and that will certainly enhance your customer’s experience.

By becoming smart and proactive, practicing few simple DIY tasks can further help you reduce your repair costs and increase the life span of your coin operated washers and dryers in your laundromat.  These DIY tasks can include: wiping down machines’ exterior, cleaning the lint trap, checking for leaks, descaling and scheduling annual repairs which can save your money and repair costs. Selecting the right maintenance service company involves seeking recommendations from other laundromats in your area, checking their credentials and comparing quotes. Never underestimate the power of preventive maintenance as it is vital to keep your coins flowing steady. Remember, a little effort today can save your valuable money and keep your laudromat out of blues.

If you are smart enough, you will keep the coins flowing by focusing on the proper care and maintenance of your hardworking coin operated washing machines.

Happy laundering, and happy returns!

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