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Vend Your Way to Riches! Top Locations for Vending Machines

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Coin vending machine business brings a unique business opportunity to be the boss of your own and earn a consistent income. But just like any other business, the success of this business centers around on location. Placing your money-maker in areas with high footfall and strategic places is crucial to maximize the profits you want. Where do you find these prime locations for coin vending machine business? This blog post will provide you the answer. It will dive into the best locations to place your moneymakers and watch your business grow.

Location Reigns Supreme!

Remember the golden rule, high traffic breeds sales. Consider the locations where there is high footfall. Such places offer a steady stream of people throughout the day offering a constant number of audience which continuously exposed to tempting treats and refreshing drinks. Here are some top best locations you must consider:

  • Schools and Universities: Students are the most attractive audience for these vending machines as they generally forget bringing their own homemade meals. They have a consistent craving to pick easily available snacks between classes. Vending machines can strategically be placed near the cafeterias, libraries and close to common areas, can be a big hit. Stock your vending machines them with student-friendly snacks like chips, juices, candy bars and bottled water.
  • Transportation Hubs: Bus stations, trains terminals and airports attract a huge audience and travelers. To capitalize this huge customer base, you can offer travel essentials likes snacks, water, juices, candies, chocolate bars, personal hygiene products and phone chargers. You can provide healthier food options alongside the sugary snacks as todays’ travelers are more health conscious.
  • Busy Office Buildings: Busy workplaces and offices with hundreds of employees are goldmines for coin vending machine business. Workers generally crave to quickly pick on-the-go stuff from these vending machines during their lunch breaks. These machines can be a lifesaver there. Consider to offer a mix of healthy snacks and sugary treats like snacks, chocolate bars, hot and cold beverages. You can even offer microwaveable meals to catering diverse meal options for office workers.
  • Gyms and Fitness Clubs: People who are fitness freak, hitting the gyms and fitness clubs often feel thirsty to quickly grab a fresh juice or a post-workout protein boost. Vending machines can offer great help. Here you can stock your vending machines with water, sports drinks, and healthy snacks like protein bars for their added convenience.
  • Hospitals and Medical Centers: Hospital and medical facilities like labs and clinics are unique locations which can offer you maximum business advantage. You will gain 24/7 flow of visitors, patients, staff members and families. Vending machines can offer healthy snacks and drinks, coffee and energy drinks for those on long shifts or waiting for appointments.

Going Beyond the Crowd: Considering Customers’ Demographics

While high traffic is essential, consider the particular needs and demographics of your selected location to maximize your revenues. Here is how to tailor your products.

  • Synchronizing Products with Customers’ Needs: In a construction zone, healthy protein bars and water might be more in-demand product as compared to candy, chocolates and fizzy drinks. You must analyze the typical visitor’s profile of your location and then stock your vending machine accordingly.
  • Age Factor is Crucial: Universities and schools will require different products as compared to office buildings. Schools might benefit from offering smaller and portion controlled juices and snacks. Whereas the office buildings might demand larger snacks and variety of drinks.
  • Making Seasonal Changes: Consider offering winter snacks and hot drinks and chocolates during the colder months and fruit cups and iced tea in the summer season. Keep adapting changes in your offerings as per season to boost yours sales.

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Going Beyond the Basics-Uncapping Vending Treasures

Think out-of-the-box options and just go crazy in your thoughts! Here are some under-rated locations that carry high vending potential:

  • Laundromats: People waiting for their laundry turn, might make them feel thirty or crave for munching. Such places offer a high captive audience for vending machine business. Vending machines can offer drinks, snacks or even nice reading materials as a good past time.
  • Government Buildings: Libraries, court houses and famous government buildings often have high footfall with limited food options. Vending machines can provide a good source of fun, food and sustenance for the visitors.
  • Auto-Repair Shops: Customers waiting for car repairs often experience long waiting times. Here, vending machines can offer them great convenience by offering them food, snacks, drinks and phone chargers.
  • Densely Populated Apartment Buildings: Multi-storied apartment buildings offer an attractive audience for vending machines. You offer healthy and microwavable snacks, frozen meals, snacks and essential household items like light bulbs and laundry detergents.
  • Partner-up! Don’t feel shy to partner with other businesses located at prime locations. Offer them good business propositions to allow you a place where your vending machines can exchange a good commission on sales, creating win-win situations for both.

Top Factors to Consider

While placing the vending machines, here are the top factors which play a prominent role in the success of this business:

  • Placement is a Vital Factor: Ensure your vending machines are placed in highly prominent and visible areas allowing an easy access for the customers. They should be well-lit and must avoid blocking walkways.
  • Maintain, Restock and Repeat: Offering your vending machines with regular maintenance is crucial. Ensure you restock your machine regularly to avoid lost sales and customers’ frustration.
  • Security is the Top Concern: Theft and vandalism are the potential threats the coin vending machine business. Well-lit and secure locations with security cameras and anti-theft features can ensure safety of your hard-earned coins.


The success of your coin vending machines business depends on its prime location. Places with high traffic areas like schools, universities, office buildings and transportation hubs are the ideal locations to capitalize on a huge customer base. But keep in mind, it is not all about foot-fall, you have to consider the specific needs of your potential audience at your selected location then tailor your product mix accordingly. Fitness centers and gyms benefit from protein bars and thirst-quenching fresh juices while the construction locations might demand water and hearty snacks. Don’t forget to explore the un-taped locations like car repair shops, laundromats, government buildings and residential apartments. Finally, prioritizing security measures and regular maintenance of machines further ensures smooth running of coin vending machines. By following these location tips, you can transform your coin vending machines into money-making winners.

May your machines dispense profits and keep customers happy!

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