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Top Things You Should Know to Buy a Coin Operated Washing Machine

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Coin operated washing machines have taken a key place in the busy lifestyle of Dubai. These magical machines are no less than a blessing for busy professionals, residents living in apartment buildings and students residing in dorms. Coin operated washers and dryers have provided an easy and reliable way to clean clothes. If you are given a responsibility to acquire a coin operated washing machine, the task might seem a little challenging. Worry not, we will not let your lose your confidence. This comprehensive guide will help you gain the required knowledge you need to explore the world of coin operated washing machine, helping you select the best fit among the wide ranging machine selections.

Important Checklist: Key Points to Consider

Before we take you dive into the world of coin operated machines take a pause and assess your needs first. Here are few crucial steps you need to consider:

  • What is Your Budget? The prices of coin operated washing machines vary. Know your budget limits so you can shortlist your options accordingly.
  • Who is the User? Who is going to use your machine? Are you buying machine for a busy laundromat with high footfall or for a small residential building? This factor will help you determine what type of machine and capacity will suit your needs.
  • You Need Top Loader or Front Loader? If you are seeking an affordable option, top-loader washers are easy and affordable. On the hand, if you are looking for a water and energy-efficient machines to reduce your operational costs, front-loader washers are perfect as well as gentler on fabrics.
  • What is the Available Space? You must have a clear idea about the measurement of the space available to place the coin operated laundry machine. Precise measurements will help you choose the best fit.

How to Choose the Right Machine?

Here are the key features you must consider that clearly make a big difference between the coin operated washers:

Machine’s Brand: The brand of the machine matters a lot. If you are buying a machine form a well-known and reliable supplier, it would have a higher price tag. Less-known brands might offer less prices.

Machine Capacity: The capacity of the machine determines how much laundry load can be processed by a machine in a single wash cycle. You must have an exact knowledge of the average load size of your targeted customers.

Durability Factor: Consider those machines which offer stain less steel design construction or have strong and durable machine components.  Generally the commercial grade machines are more durable and are designed to withstand frequent use with heavy laundry loads as compared to regular machines.

Wash Cycle Options: The coin operated washing machines come with a variety of wash cycle options. These options offer a big range of pre-programmed wash cycles to tackle diverse needs of laundry loads with different types of fabric types and soil levels. Try to consider those machines which offer heavy duty, delicates and sanitize wash cycle options.

Easy User Interface: Machines that offer user-friendly interface are more popular among the customers. A clear and well-defined user interface with proper instructions is really important because simple control panel reduces the customers’ frustration and any potential risk of misuse and machine damage.

Payment System: Generally there are two type of payment systems prevailing in coin operated washing machines, single –slot which accepts a fixed coin denomination and multi-coin acceptor that can accept multiple coin denominations. Multi-coin acceptors offer more convenience for the customers. So go for that feature.

Stackable Design: Stackable option comes in premium machines, where you can avail the facility of washer and dryer in a combo unit. This super features saves your floor space. You can consider this option if you have space constraints.

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Key Factors to Consider While Machine Installation

After purchasing the machine, take these points into account while installing these workhorses at your laundromat:

  • Proper Installation: Ensure you get your machines installed at your designated place by an experienced technician. This perfect installation will ensure a smooth laundry operation and will give you maximum performance.
  • Electrical Work: Don’t use low quality electrical wiring. Ensure you provide compatible water and electrical supply lines which comply well with local plumbing guidelines.
  • Drainage System: Having a proper drainage system is crucial from proper functioning of coin operated laundry equipment. Make sure the drain pipes are well-connected.
  • Machine Ventilation: As we all know when machines run, they generate heat as well as moisture. Make sure you provide proper ventilation for the machines to avoid any fungus or rust which may lead to damage the machines.
  • Machine Maintenance: Make and follow a regular machine maintenance if you want your machines to enjoy a long life span. Ensure a qualified and expert technician performs its routine cleanliness and offers a thorough service.

Additional Considerations

When you are tackling with coin operated washing machines, keeping them secure and managing your coins collection well is the top factor which must be considered with great care. Here is how you can achieve this goal:

  1. Keep the Coin Box Well Protected: Select a coin box which offers a safe and secure lock system to prevent it from theft. You can consider a coin box which offers a time-delayed option to add an extra layer of security.
  2. Convenient Payment Options: No doubt, the coin mechanism will remain a constant, however you must consider machines which offer cashless systems for your customers’ convenience.
  3. Collect Revenues Regularly: Ensure your collect your hard-earned money carefully and regularly. You can partner with any laundry service company for the assisted related to coin collection.


Coin operated washing machines offer a budget friendly laundry solution for busy individuals. If you want to buy a coin operated washing machine assess you needs, budget and users of the machine before buying. You must consider few more factors like machine capacity, wash cycle options and payment methods while considering the needs of your target customers. Ensure your machines are properly installed, they are given proper ventilation and required maintenance. Never forget to make your machines secure. Develop a smooth and regular revenue collection system. With wise planning, you can win the coin operated laundry function like a pro!

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