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Effortless Ways to Launch Coin Laundry Business in UAE


UAE’s booming economy is driven on hectic work plans and busy lifestyle. Among fulfilling personal and social commitments and the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life often leads to missing out something as basic as laundry. This missing laundry often arises the need to rely on easy solution: coin operated washing machine. Coin laundry business in UAE has gained a significant popularity for offering a quick and reliable laundry solution for every busy individuals.

But how would you launch a coin laundry business in UAE successfully in an effortless way? This blog post will offer you an easy guide, providing you a simple roadmap to launch your own coin laundry business in UAE with minimum efforts.

Doing a Thorough Market Research

If you want to launch your coin laundry business effortlessly, a thorough market research is the foundation. Before you dive into coin laundry world, try to understand your target market. Ensure you make a thorough research of the existing market. Include these key pints in your market research:

  • Location: Choose the location wisely. Consider a location which is close to high traffic areas like student housing, residential apartment buildings or busy office buildings.
  • Beat the Market Competition: Consider how many laundromats are existing and what kind of services they are offering. Identify their weak areas and gaps you can fill.
  • Target Customers: Know who are your target customers? Are they busy professionals, offices, university students or families? After knowing your target customers, customize your services accordingly.
  • Location Accessibility and Parking: Consider a location which can offer adequate car parking space. Being easily accessible and parking availability makes a big difference for any laundromat.

Taking Care of the Legal Side

If you are operating your business in UAE, you are required to obtain specific licenses and few permits to operate in UAE market.  Here is the detail of legal documents you are supposed to acquire:

  • Municipality Authorization: You are required to secure No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the local municipality for your selected location for starting your coin laundry business.
  • Trade License: Secure a trade license for providing your coin laundry services from the government department named as Department of Economic Development (DED) which must be located within your emirate.
  • Visa Requirements: If you want to recruit staff for your coin laundromat, you will be required to sponsor their work visas.

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Selecting the Right Kind of Coin Washer Dryer

The main driving force of your coin laundry business is your laundry equipment which will play a key role in the successful running of your business. So select the equipment with utmost care. Here are the key factors you must consider while selecting a coin washer dryer for your laundromat:

  • Select a Trusted Supplier: When you are going to buy your coin operated laundry equipment, select a trusted and well-known machine supplier who is known for best quality and comprehensive after-sales support services. Choose Vending Ways for all your coin laundry equipment needs. It is a trusted name in the Dubai market as being a leading supplier of best coin operated laundry equipment with comprehensive after sales services, including expert installation and maintenance services. Check out their complete range of coin operated laundry equipment selection at:
  • Machine Technology and Features: Never hesitate to invest in best quality and energy-efficient coin washer dryer for your laundromat. Consider machines which offer easy control panel and offer easy to operate system. Explore those machines which offer cashless and effortless payment transactions for customers’ added convenience.
  • Capacity: Consider purchasing a mix of coin washers and dryers with variable capacities that suits different laundry loads to cater diverse needs of your customers.
  • Durability: Look for durable machines with solid machine components. Buy commercial scale machines which are especially built to withstand frequent use and for high and heavy volume laundry loads.

Creating a User-Friendly Environment

You laundromat must attract people to visit and enquire about your services. It must be pleasing, clean, well-kept, well-lit and offering a welcoming environment for the customers. Here are few crucial tips helping you design a perfect laundromat with great customers’ appeal:

  • Machines Arrangement: Ensure your coin laundry equipment is arranged efficiently which allows easy movements without any hurdles and prioritizes a smooth queue (row) management system.
  • Facilities: Install vending machines dispensing laundry supplies like coin washing detergents as well as variety of snacks for your customers in waiting. This will add up extra layer of convenience and make the laundry experience a hassle-free task.
  • Security: Invest in installing CCTV cameras, training security staff proper lighting to avoid the risk of vandalism and theft. Keep the entire surrounding safe to offer a safe and secure environment for your customers.
  • Comfortable Sitting: Invest in purchasing best quality and comfortable seating and tables where customers can wait in a comfortable way. They can use tables to fold their washed laundry.

Marketing Your Laundromat Effectively

Effective marketing contribute greatly towards the success of your coin laundry business. Spread the word around about your services through effective marketing campaigns. Here are few effective ways to consider:

  • Local Advertising: Make flyers, brochures and consider local advertising in local newspapers or use billboards in your areas.
  • Promotional Offers: Offer discounts, introduce introductory offer and make special packages for students and busy professionals. Offer loyalty programs for frequent users to attract more audience towards your laundromat.
  • Digital Presence: Social media tools are powerful platforms to grab greater audience in minimum timespan. Make your business digitally present. Design a catchy logo and tagline of your business and create pages on different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Consider making a website to showcase your services and discount packages.


Launching a coin laundry business in UAE requires a strategic approach and following few key steps can make your way easy to establish an effortless business launch. Perform a detailed market search, get legal permissions and secure high quality coin operated laundry equipment. Make your laundromat customer-centric, do effective marketing and your laundromat will a popular laundry spot soon. So, roll up your sleeves and witness your journey moving towards achieving the laundry success.

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