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Laundry on a Budget: Coin Operated Laundry Prices in Dubai

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Coping well with Dubai’s fast paced lifestyle is not simple. It can leave less time for little household duties. Laundry day often gets slipped leading to overflowing laundry bins. Don’t worry my busy fellows! Just count your blessings as coin operated laundry equipment is there. They offer a budget-friendly way to solve all your laundry worries just in few minutes, keeping your laundry fresh and clean.

This blog post will unveil the coin laundry prices in Dubai while providing you estimated coin operated laundry prices, key factors that determine prices and handy tips to maximize your laundry experience at any coin operated laundromat. You will even explore different alternatives if you don’t prefer a coin operated washing machine for any good reason.

The Estimated Coin Operated Laundry Prices in Dubai

Costs are always a big concern for everyone. Here is the general breakdown of coin operated laundry approximated prices in Dubai:

  • Small Wash Cycle (For Basic Fabrics): AED 5-10 and USD 1.35 – USD 2.70. Small wash cycles are perfect for lightly mudded clothes like T shirts, undergarments and gym wear.
  • Medium Wash Cycle (For Regular Fabrics): AED 10-15 and USD 2.70 – USD 4.05. Medium wash cycle is good for regular laundry loads including shirts, pants and trousers.
  • Large Wash Cycle (For Heavy Duty Fabrics): AED 15-AED 20 and USD 4.05- USD 5.40. Large wash cycle is ideal for heavy duty and heavily soiled fabrics like blankets, comforters and kind size bed sheets.

Factors that Impact Coin Operated Laundry Prices Globally

Here are the following key factors that may affect the coin laundry prices anywhere in Dubai and across the world.

  • Location: Location is the biggest key factor. Those coin laundromats which are located in areas with high demand or tourist spots may offer premium prices as compared to laundromats present in your neighborhoods or in any residential areas.
  • Capacity of the Machine: If you opt for a larger coin operated washing machine, you may have to pay a higher laundry price per wash cycle as compared to small sized machine.
  • Wash Cycle Option Selection: As coin operated washing machines offer different wash cycle options for different type of laundry requirements, different wash cycle options offer different laundry prices. If you choose a delicate wash for your delicate fabrics with cool water temperature, it will be a cheaper option as compared to choose a sanitize wash cycle option with hot water as you may have to pay a high price.

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Can I Save My Coins On My Laundry Day?

Absolutely Yes! By grabbing the knowledge and utilizing some handy tips you can save your extra coins on your laundry day. Here are few smart laundry hacks:

  • Sort Your Laundry Loads: When you hit your laundry day, separate your dirty laundry by colors like darks, lights and delicate. Sort them out on the basis of their fabric type and soil levels. This sorting-out activity will do half of your homework for a streamlined laundry day. Make sure your sorting must facilitate you to choose the right wash cycle for every load. This will prevent you from damaging your precious delicates and will avoid the need to re-wash.
  • Selecting the Right Wash Cycle Option: Your wash cycle option must match your fabric needs. Never try to select hot water and long duration wash cycles. It will be expensive. Select cooler and shorter wash cycles as they will be more cost effective.
  • Never Under-Fill the Drum: Control your temptation to overfill as well as under-fill the washing drum, rather fill it to its recommended capacity. This capacity is mostly mentioned on the washing drum. If you will follow it, you can enjoy the full cleaning potential of the machine. If you overload, this may lead to ineffective cleaning.
  • Carry the Sufficient Coins: In Dubai, most of the laundromats are operating their laundry function on coin mechanisms. So make sure you bring enough coins or preferably the quarters which is a local equivalent to avoid inconvenience.
  • Bring Your Own Washing Detergent: When you buy washing detergent from the laundromat, this will surely add to your costs. Never forget to bring your own detergent to save your money and additional costs.

Smart Alternatives of Coin Laundry in Dubai

While coin operated laundry have offered an unmatched convenience to its users by offering a budget-friendly solution, but they may not be suitable for everyone. Here are some smart alternative laundry options which can be considered in Dubai.

  • Using Hotel Laundry Service: If you are staying in a hotel, ask your hotel management about the laundry service. Hotel laundry service may be more expensive than any coin laundromat in your area, but it can be utilized if that suits your needs and budget for your small laundry loads.
  • Enjoying Full Service Laundry: There are several shops in Dubai which offer comprehensive laundry services. Their full service laundry include pick-up of laundry from your location, wash it, fold it and drop it right at your location. This full service even eliminates the need to visit any laundromat for your convenience. But remember, this option will offer a high price tag.


The coin operated laundry prices in Dubai vary depending on machine size, wash cycle option and location of the laundormat. The estimated prices for small wash cycle options are:  AED 5-10 and USD 1.35 – USD 2.70, for medium wash cycle pieces range is: AED 10-15 and USD 2.70 – USD 4.05 and for larger wash cycle, prices may range between: AED 15-AED 20 and USD 4.05- USD5.40. These are the estimated prices but the best laundry solutions generally depend on the individual’s needs and budgets. If you want to save your costs on your laundry day you must follow few handy tips that include, sort out your laundry, never under fill or overload the drum, choose the best wash cycle option as per your laundry needs, bring your own washing detergents and carry sufficient coins like quarters. Always go for cold temperature and short duration wash cycles as they are less expensive. You can explore other alternative laundry options if you are facing any time constraints like hotel laundry service and full service laundry. Just by understanding coin laundry prices and coin laundry hacks, you can successfully win your laundry day and yet live within your means.

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